Monday, 9 March 2015

Newspaper Tower

Walt: Write a recount with a hook and orientation

Do you think our teacher has been drinking too much coffee? Two weeks ago he fed us chicken flavoured worms, now he’s telling us to create a tower of newspaper! What has happen with my teacher? Read on to see how this newspaper tower building results came out.

How this started
When we sat on the mat, it seem like the carpet had more space. Our teacher started to talk about recounts and giving out materials like five and a half pieces newspaper, masking tape, scissors and eight minutes to create a tower. The next thing you know is that we were in groups of four or five. Alisha, Heather and me were in a group then Adriel, Yvonne and Cameo joined our group! It was all fine.

Let’s Get Started!
Once everyone was in their groups, we got our martials and started our eight minutes. Our team name was called Team Talita and I was guessing that this meant I was the team leader. It took a while to think of what we were going to do, but in the end it went well. The tower looked like a skinny tower with a fat base at the bottom.

Our eight minutes had stopped and our teacher called out, “eight minutes is over”. We had finish our tower building challenge and I thought we did well until our teacher said,”bring your towers to the front”. Team Talita were already in the front so we left ours where it was. There was four teams and two other towers did not make it to the end but ours was still standing. Our teacher got his foot and measured our tower and the other teams tower, it was a tie so Rosalina, got the meter ruler and our teacher measured the towers with it.   

I think that our teacher should stop getting crazy and start being a normal teacher because…   we want our teacher back! Now that I know that we have won, I think we did well. I hope that our teacher gets back because it seems like we have another teacher.

For the last few weeks we have been learning about hooking an audience with our writing. We have also been marking each others writing. My partner was Rima. I hopes you enjoyed!

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