Monday, 3 August 2015

Bean Bags for Hire-3pt Whole Day

WALT:pursued the reader to agree with our message.

Bean bags are like a squishy comfortable cushion to relax on.

During class time the bean bags are available for hire to sit on for the whole day. Instead of sitting on the tough stiff floor or on a flat plastic chair, you will be able to sit on the comfortable squishy bean bag to do your work.

The bean bags are filled with soft beans which make it comfy and are covered in a rubber skin (which is not very rough so it is still comfy). They can be moulded into the shape of your choice. You can choose to sit on the bean bag, or use it to lean back to be relax, or you could use it as a soft chair or cushion.

The bean bags come in two different colors and sizes. A big dark lime green one, and a smaller daylight blue one. It’s your choice which one you want to sit or lean on, .

The price to hire the bean bag is 3pt. You pay once at the beginning of the day and then you can enjoy relaxing in the beanbag for the rest of the day.

Remember for 3pt you can enjoy working on the bean bag during class the whole day.

(These are not the real ones)
Image result for blue and green bean bagImage result for blue and green bean bag

In reading this week, we had to re crafted a piece of writing about hiring bean bags in our class. I have learnt that whenever you are writing another sentence, you should always look back and read it again of the paragraph. I have use Thesaurus to get better words to re craft. This is supposed to be an advertisement in our class so we had to write like we writing a real advertisement.

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