Saturday, 29 August 2015

Team Four's Trade Fair

WALT: Use language that paints a picture in the mind of our reader.

This Terms topic is Trade and Enterprise and in team four we have our own business’, money and online banking accounts. Some of us have a job, which we had to write an application for. Because of all of this, we (team four) had our very own trade fair to advertise and sell our own products, I will tell you about this later in my writing.

Our topic Trade and Enterprise, focuses on the two important words. I thought about the words Trade and Enterprise and what they mean during the trade fair. In the Trade Fair, we had to take orders from  our customers, make orders for our product, gain interest from our customers, explain what the product was and say what they would have to trade for the product.

In our six business’ which are Toys, Kitchen, Custom Stationery, Jewellery, Musical Instruments and Homeware we had to prepare for the Trade Fair. I am in Toys, we had to take orders unlike the business Kitchen. We prepared in week one, two and three by making order forms, making example products and getting the price sorted. My product is squishy balls which sold very successfully at the Trade Fair.

At the Trade Fair we had turns with our work buddy, one of us had to go trading well the other had to stay at the stall. Our turns lasted for half of the whole time. I was the first to go trading with my earned 10 PT and I bought a lot of stuff, but I forgot to buy three things. They were an orange candle, mini loom band headphones and some food. At the our stall, my partner was supposed to be making orders but she gave two squishy balls from hand.

From all of this, I have learnt to always make more orders than we had in the Trade Fair or make it online. I cannot wait till week eight when we have our market. At the market we will give the orders to people and trading our products and giving by hand like my partner.  If you want to know what PT and Pieces are, click on the words.

In writing this week, we had a really good writing session. Each paragraph we had to write and in between them, we all came to the mat and our teacher talked to us. It was a really good season and I hope to do it next time.

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  1. You are really improving in your writing Talita. I like that you write like you speak - so it is very easy to understand.
    I'm loving catching up on your blog - you certainly have posted a lot!
    Love Mum


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