Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Noun Mark

WALT: Learn what the various nouns are.

A common noun is the name of people, places, creatures, objects.
For example: teacher, school, mice and chalk.

A proper noun is the name of a particular person, place, thing, business or organisation.
For example: Kate, Rotorua, Milford Sound, The Warehouse.

A collective noun is the name given to a group of things.
For example: a flock of birds or the Crusaders.

An abstract noun is something you can't see, hear, touch or taste.
These can be qualities, emotions or ideas.
For example: courage, power, creativity, independence.

David and Jeff sat on the beach waiting for their mum. Their mum was working and they were very bored. They had already done everything they could think of. Ten year old David said to his brother, “why don’t we go on a hike with mum and Claire”. Claire was their cousin and they did lots of things together. Jeff walked back to their mum’s work and waited there for her. She finally finished work a few minutes after Jeff had come. All three children called themselves The Cousins.

Back at the beach Claire came to join David. Just as she arrived Jeff and Payton (their mum) arrived to. They all lay on the beach and had a swim. David still had the thought in his head about the hike. When it was time to go home David said while packing up, “mum, can we go for a hike?”. She answered with a “yes, that’s a great idea”. Everybody went home and had a good sleep.

Jeff woke up early because he was so excited. It was something he had not of done in a while. He woke up David so that could pack. They soon finished packing and checked once more. Right after they went to Claire who looked like she was ready to go on a hike. The Cousins were dropped off at a hiking trail. “This is going to be awesome!” said Jeff. They went off into the woods and started their hike journey. It was a few minutes before they stopped to have a snack. They talked while they ate their snack. That was their snack until the next hour. They continued their hike and keep on walking on the trail. It was a hours after they had stopped three times, that David and Claire wanted to go off the trail. Jeff was the oldest and they gave him the puppy eyes. He said okay and they went off, off the trail...

David and Claire spent a couple of minutes celebrating that they got their way. While they were celebrating Jeff heard something. “shhhhhhh…. did you guys hear that?” said Jeff, they didn’t say anything because they went from happy to scared. Jeff walked closer to where the noise was coming from. He grabbed something and ran. David and Claire followed him.

They ran until they got to a flat place. David said, “did we lose it” Jeff said, “I think we did”. It was dark and they needed to rest. Claire had brought a tent and they slept in that for the night. All night was rest time for them. Their rest time finished and the packed up the tent and beds. The Cousins walked forwards and hoped it would lead to the trail. It not till a kilometer walk that they were on the track.

The way the they came was the way they went back. They came to the start of the trail and they saw Payton. All three of them went up to hug her. She was surrounded by love. The Cousins told every detail part about the hike to Payton. All of them slept in their cozy bed for a good night sleep.  

Our task this group for writing this week is about nouns. We had to get the writing from our writing test and mark it highlighting the right words matching the noun. Here's an example that has a Common Noun, Proper Noun, Collective Noun and Abstract Noun in the sentence. Kate was in school waiting for the Crusaders to sign her creative poster that she made. I hope you understood my writing and it wasn't hard to read from all the highlighted bits and pieces.

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