Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Holiday Blog Post

Sorry this is late. I will be doing these thought the Holidays. 
Here was  my first day (of the Holidays)!

First Day of Holidays

 My holiday started when we finished school and I came home to afternoon tea. Now you are probably wondering what I had, but I'm sorry because I don't remember what I had. Lets not go on about the rest of the evening. Well I'm just going to say that we started watching a movie. The movie finished and it was around ten o'clock (10:00) at night. I have one little sister who played with me well the rest of our family watched something. When me and my sister was playing, I though it probably time to go to sleep. She tried to say that it wasn't time to go to sleep but I told her that she had too. Eventually we both fell asleep.


If you saw my application for Ambassadors and thought I did a good job, well I have some news for you. You just need to read this!

It says my name which means that I'm a Ambassador for our school. I will be welcoming visitors and showing them how awesome Point England is.

Thursday, 11 December 2014

Application to be an Ambassador in 2015


This year I have boosted my learning in lots of different ways.  I have created movies and blog posts better than I’ve ever done before, and of course, shared them on my blog as well my class blog.  I have learnt new ways to do maths, writing and reading as well as PE and sports.


In maths, I have learnt my basic facts properly which has helped a lot with the more difficult topics.  In writing, I have learnt to have four or five sentences in one paragraph - as well as the structure of a whole piece of writing.  Starting each sentence with a different beginning makes the writing more interesting for the reader.  Reading has always been a favourite subject of mine.  But my favourite class this year has been extension.  I love the creative way that we learn new things.


Creating DLO’s (Digital Learning Objective’s) has been a fun way to do work, not like other schools who don’t have the opportunity to learn with Chromebooks.  If you have a look through my blog, you will find some DLO’s that I have helped create this year.  I also took part in our class movie this year which played on the big screen at Sylvia Park Hoyts Cinema - which was so much fun!  I’ve been a presenter for PENN (our school’s TV station) - for the morning news report and learnt new ways of speaking and presenting in front of a camera, as well as increased my confidence - (pretty cool, since one day, I would love to be a TV presenter).


Next year, I would love to increase my learning even more and so I am applying to be an Ambassador for my school.  Here is a whole lot of learning squeezed into one movie that is my application movie to be an Ambassador.  I hope you like it - it was lots of fun to make.

Talita's Ambassdor from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.

Monday, 8 December 2014

Recording of Problem at the Pole

This week Nga Kea had the same book as the Penguins. We had the same task, and that was to...
1. Get into groups.
2. Get some books.
3. Make sure with our teacher we were allowed to record in a quiet place.
4. Start recording.
After we had done that, we posted it to our blog's. 

You never know if we are doing a video of this! So watch out for the video.
These are the people in my group:
-Venetia (Nga Kea)
-Yvonne (Nga Kea)
-Me (Nga Kea)
-Seini (Penguins)
-Waimaria (Penguins)
-Rima (Penguins)

Friday, 5 December 2014


In Class 10 we have been learning about coding on our chrome book. Here is one that I made myself. Even though it's a square, I think that this counts as my square. Here is the link to do this. You can comment and show me a link to your own shape.

Jesus is Born

This story starts off with…  a young woman named Mary. Mary met a man called Joseph and married him. One night an angel appeared in Mary’s room and said “Mary you are going to have a baby and the baby is going to be the son of God”. When she heard this message she leaf to go and tell Joseph. That night Joseph an angel appeared but in his dream. He said the same thing that he said to Mary.

Baby Son
Before Jesus was born, Mary and Joseph had been told that they had to go to Bethlehem for Jesus to be born. When they came to Bethlehem lots of people were visiting and it was hard to find an inn to stay in. After lots of times trying to find an inn, they came to an inn and a the man said in a grumpy voice, “I only have a stable to stay in”. The couple were fine with a stable even though animals were in the stable was fill with animals.

Jesus’ Stable
After Jesus was born Shepherds from far away heard the news and not by just any body, they heard from three angels. The three angels spoke to the three Shepherds and said, “The son of God is born and you all must go to him”. Far away three wise men saw a star, and thought that it meant something because it didn’t look like any star it looked special. They followed the sar and it led to baby Jesus. When the wise men arrived, they came with Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh. That wonderful night will never be forgotten, ever!

Tuesday, 2 December 2014


In Extension we have been learning about Hokulea. You might be thinking that this has nothing to do with Hokulea, but Hokulea really loves the environment and Extension thought that we could do something with the environment. We really want Hokulea to come to our school so try and help any way you can. I forgot to ask you if you know about Sustainability? If you don't know what does Sustainability means, Sustainability means taking care of the environment with the economy's help to and your help. This video will teach you show you an example of sustainability (most of the end).