Monday, 30 May 2016

Thinkboard - 2

WALT: Express remainders as decimals.

This took me a while to figure out so here it is and hope you can see it. Seini (my friend) helped me and we marked each others work. There will be more of these think boards and I hope I will keep up with my work.

Thursday, 26 May 2016

Book Review - The Legend of the Skull Cliff

WALT: Write a book review based on a book we have read this year.

I read this book last term but I am posting it now. I still remember it like I read it yesterday. This books came me the shivers, and sometimes in class I would gasp because something amazing happen in the story. It was a mystery from the time the boy was introduced. If you haven't read the book try to find online or at your local library.    

Friday, 20 May 2016

New Zealand at War (ANZAC)

WALT: Comparing and Connected: - I compare the similarities and differences in texts, characters, plots, settings, themes and information sources. I can make connections between a range of texts.

This movie is a movie about me and partner, Yvonne sharing one our links between the story's we read with our reading group. Our link is between the story Harry's war and Te Hokowhitu atu and the Maori Pioneer Battalion. The theme of the link is that they wanted to go home but they couldn't because there was not enough ships to come and pick them up and drop them off in New Zealand.

In this presentation it shows a synopsis of each story, article, poem and narrative. A synopsis is a short explanation of a movie, book, story, poem and loads more. It also has a slide that shows links that I thought of with a team effort Yvonne and Cameo. My second to last slide (so what) has a video to match the answers but the iPad was not working so we had to film again. That did work so the last slide has my answers.

Wood and Nail Art

Today we had art rotations and after morning tea our whole class moved to room 1 for wood and nail art.

We got into groups of two's and three's and nailed down nails onto a piece of wood and a stencil of a star. Nailing was the first stage and this picture is when me and Angelica had finish the first stage.
The second stage was picking the wool and making a pattern. Our pattern was designed by me and Angelica and this was the finish product.

Thursday, 19 May 2016

When i luminate came to Pt England

WALT: Use a variety of interesting vocabulary to keep our readers engaged.

Pitch black, glowing, dancing, remix music? I'm talking about i luminate. I luminate is a company that dances in groups with LED lights connected to their suits. Their suits are filled with wires and as I said before the LED lights. In all of the dances and productions they wear black suits and black out the room that they dance in. Our school was fortunate enough to have a group from i luminate come all the way from America to perform for us. I think they might of gone to perform for somebody else somewhere else in New Zealand as well as us.

IMG_0471 (1).JPGI heard that day that we were going to the hall for something but I didn’t know that it was anything like this. As we gathered into the hall, I looked around and saw people from year 6 to year 1 sitting down. Once I sat down I looked around again it wasn’t as clear as before but I still could still see the stage. It took a while until everyone was quiet and when we were all quiet, the stage lights turned off and it was pitch black. We couldn’t see anything but we could definitely hear everything. All me and my quiet friend could hear was… screaming because they were scared, screaming because they were excited, conversations of how cool this was going to be, conversation of how funny this was going to be and loads more. It took some time before the dance really began.

The music turned on and everyone was still shouting and cheering on the dancers. The dancers dance their tushies off and in my mind I was thinking, I could be one those dancers on stage and it could be my job. That would awesome! I have really learnt something from this, it is that when somebody does something you should really appreciate them.

Last week the i luminate crew came and it was awesome! I was really touched from what they said after the dance when we asked a few questions. One person said that when he started to dance it on the street and he just started to get better and better in life. It really touched me because its sort of like my life, its like I got better in reading, writing and maths during my primary years and I can get better.  

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Statistics Vocabulary

WALT: Find the Average, Median and Mode in a line of numbers.

This was term and I having been keeping on track with my maths work. We learnt about how to find the Average, Median and Mode in a number line. For example; 14, 10, 4, 13, 2, 7, 10. Average: 350, Median: 13, Mode: 10.