Friday, 20 May 2016

New Zealand at War (ANZAC)

WALT: Comparing and Connected: - I compare the similarities and differences in texts, characters, plots, settings, themes and information sources. I can make connections between a range of texts.

This movie is a movie about me and partner, Yvonne sharing one our links between the story's we read with our reading group. Our link is between the story Harry's war and Te Hokowhitu atu and the Maori Pioneer Battalion. The theme of the link is that they wanted to go home but they couldn't because there was not enough ships to come and pick them up and drop them off in New Zealand.

In this presentation it shows a synopsis of each story, article, poem and narrative. A synopsis is a short explanation of a movie, book, story, poem and loads more. It also has a slide that shows links that I thought of with a team effort Yvonne and Cameo. My second to last slide (so what) has a video to match the answers but the iPad was not working so we had to film again. That did work so the last slide has my answers.

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