Tuesday, 31 March 2015

School Picnic

WALT: Write a detailed recount without teachers help.
Pt England beach, Pt England School, all together on the perfect day! Do you think that this sounds like Friday the twenty seventh of March when Pt England School all went to Pt England beach just like last year? I don’t how many years we have been doing this. If you want to know how this awesome picnic went read on.

What Picnic is all about
The Pt England picnic happens each year at the beginning of the year. This event is when our whole school comes together and has a really fun picnic. This year we had our picnic on the twenty seventh of march. I thought it went well except for one girl who got a crab clawed to her foot. I felt very sad for her. Anyway, lets get on with this picnic shall we.

Pretend that today was the picnic and it was foggy. I did my job and went to class. When I got to class and it was time to go to assembly to find out to see if the picnic was still on because of the fog. Our principal announced that we were going to have a picnic! I was very happy and my Mum and Dad were parent helpers. We all went to the beach and our principal told us the boundaries for the day. Once he finished talking it was time to put our bags away and have fun!

Highlight of the day!
My highlight was right before a nasty little crab put his claws into a little girls foot. The highlight of the day included a crab clay and a man made rock. We first were playing with clay near the water's edge when suddenly, we saw the sand moving. Me and my friend Seini, found it and thought that we should take the crab to the rock water in the rock. So we took the crab over to the rock with some rubbish that we found. We slided the crab into the water and it crawled away. Right after that our principal talked into the microphone to say that team four is going swimming after the people next.

I think that this years picnic was better than last year. It was a pretty close to not having a picnic so I think we used it wisely. This years picnic will probably be one of the best school picnic I have had since I have been at Pt England.  
I have learnt to write a detailed recount with my teacher and I decided I should try to write a detailed recount by myself. I think I have done well. Comment do tell me how I went. I hoped you enjoyed!

Who Likes Sharks?

WALT: Know that people might take a different judgement from the same information.

This week we learnt that people have different judgements. We have been given the task answer questions by the text we have been given as somebody else's opinion.

Friday, 27 March 2015

Who Cares About Penguins?

WALT: Know that other might take a different judgement from the same information.
This week in reading we have been learning about writing answers in other peoples opinions by what they have written. With this in case we have been given the task to answer questions in other peoples opinions that has been written. I hoped you enjoyed and thought I did a good job!

Problem Solving (What Strategy Did You Use?)

WALT: Say the solution in a written form.

This week in Maths we have been learning how to answer questions in a written form. Our task this week was to get into a groups of threes and make a another presentation that our teachers have made. They have put questions on the presentation so that we can answer the questions in a written form. I hoped you enjoyed!

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Highlights about Year five and Six Camp!

WALT:Organise my ideas into paragraphs and link them together.

You might of heard of year five and six camp last year? Well it happen again this year except the year six’s last year left to year seven and we are the year six’s this year. Last year I was in care bears and now I’m in Commitments and I am the girl leader with Judah (the boy leader). It was an awesome camp, especially that I was put into a tent with two of my best friends. They are Seini and Rima.  

About Camp
Year five and six camps has been going since 1991. So this was the twenty fifth year of year five and six camp. This camp requires camping in tents on our field, participating in fun and awesome activities and of course some of the best teachers helping with everything. This was our last year five and six camp so I did my best to make it the best year of camp. Let’s get started talking about what happen on the first day of camp. We all came to the hall with our day bags and sat in our lines. Our teachers gave us instructions about camp. The groups was called…   Honest Squad, Commitments, Matapono e, Ture Crew, Real Dealz and All Stars. All stars had to put in their togs for kayaking. We on the other hand were going to  baking first.

First Highlight
Baking was my first and favorite activity. I’m sure you have heard of baking so I don’t need to explain it. This was not a full group activity because the girls went to the kitchen and the boys went out onto the field to make things like s'mores. In the kitchen we had a piece of paper with the things we need on them. For example: The ingredients and what to do with the ingredients. The title of the piece of paper was ANZAC Biscuits. This was what were baking. We started baking and I was in the middle table with Rima and Seini. It was like people were in their tent groups but they were baking groups. The Ingredients sounded us on benches. It was time to start. Our group had filled up two trays and everyone ate half a ANZAC Biscuit each. I thought that was the one of the best activity.

Second Highlight
My second highlight setting was in a tent. It was the first night of camp and Seini, Rima and me lay in our sleeping bags. We were all nearly asleep until we heard a fart coming from my side of the tent and Seini said, “eww Talita”. I told her it was the tent next to us, they did it again and then she believe me but Rima was asleep so she didn’t know about it. In the morning about three o’clock, I did a fart then Seini but she was asleep and me and Rima were laughing because it sounded like a beat of a song. I thought it was one of highlights because how funny it was. If you didn’t think it was funny you should of been there and it be much more funny.

I thought this year’s year five and six camp was pretty good. There was one thing I wanted to change to make it true, it was our chant. Our chant went like “boom it’s hot in here it must be the commitments coming first this year”, but I think it should of went like,”boom it’s hot in here, it must be the commitments coming third this year”. It was the truth and it sounds better.

This week in writing we have been learning about how link paragraphs together. I think I have done this.This rubric was marked based on my introduction by Rima. I hoped you enjoyed!

Monday, 9 March 2015

Newspaper Tower

Walt: Write a recount with a hook and orientation

Do you think our teacher has been drinking too much coffee? Two weeks ago he fed us chicken flavoured worms, now he’s telling us to create a tower of newspaper! What has happen with my teacher? Read on to see how this newspaper tower building results came out.

How this started
When we sat on the mat, it seem like the carpet had more space. Our teacher started to talk about recounts and giving out materials like five and a half pieces newspaper, masking tape, scissors and eight minutes to create a tower. The next thing you know is that we were in groups of four or five. Alisha, Heather and me were in a group then Adriel, Yvonne and Cameo joined our group! It was all fine.

Let’s Get Started!
Once everyone was in their groups, we got our martials and started our eight minutes. Our team name was called Team Talita and I was guessing that this meant I was the team leader. It took a while to think of what we were going to do, but in the end it went well. The tower looked like a skinny tower with a fat base at the bottom.

Our eight minutes had stopped and our teacher called out, “eight minutes is over”. We had finish our tower building challenge and I thought we did well until our teacher said,”bring your towers to the front”. Team Talita were already in the front so we left ours where it was. There was four teams and two other towers did not make it to the end but ours was still standing. Our teacher got his foot and measured our tower and the other teams tower, it was a tie so Rosalina, got the meter ruler and our teacher measured the towers with it.   

I think that our teacher should stop getting crazy and start being a normal teacher because…   we want our teacher back! Now that I know that we have won, I think we did well. I hope that our teacher gets back because it seems like we have another teacher.

For the last few weeks we have been learning about hooking an audience with our writing. We have also been marking each others writing. My partner was Rima. I hopes you enjoyed!

Thursday, 5 March 2015

My Time Table

WALT: know the difference between a digital clock and written form.

This week I have learnt a lot. It's to much to say how much I learnt but I say one. It is telling the difference from a digital to a written form.It takes me a while to do it but I can still do it.

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Probability with two dices

WALT:Make predictions with dices.

This week in Maths we have been learning about probability. Our challenge was to...
  • Pick six cubes that are two colours and put them a envelope
  • Swap with another group
  • Guess how many cubes are one colour and guess how many is the other colour
Me and Waimaria had fun doing this challenge. I hope you enjoy!

Tuesday, 3 March 2015


WALT: Look beyond the text.

This week we have been learning about looking beyond the text. By this I mean looking on websites and not just the text. I hoped you enjoyed! (this is not a real advice blog)

River Talks

WALT: Write a detailed introduction with a hook and orientation.

Walking past Omaru Creek can be a bit of a nightmare. It’s time for you to know that our river (Omaru Creek) and what it needs to be a clean river for us to live around, and for the creatures to live in it. Why don’t you see if you can help?

In writing for the last few weeks we have been learning about hooking an audience with an introduction. We have also been learning about that introduction does not tell what happen. Just like last week, we marked each others introduction and my partner was Rima. I hoped you enjoyed!