Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Ratios and Proportions

WALT: Identify proportions and ratios.

This week we learnt about ratios. We learnt things like how ratios compares part to part. We did a few easy questions and the last two slides were a bit harder.

Sunday, 28 August 2016

Word Problems - Fractions

WALT: Use prior knowledge of fractions to solve the following word problems.

In this presentation I solved these questions which were about fraction word problems. I found that all the question were similar in a way but different in a way. It was a bit confusing at first but I found it easier in the end.


WALT: Use prior knowledge of fractions to solve the following word problems.

In week 4, we learnt about addition and subtraction in our math stages. We did not learnt about easy questions like 2+2=4. Our class solved adding and subtracting questions based around fractions and decimals.

Decimals Intro

WALT: We are learning to multiply decimals and how to read out numbers with decimal.

This is the maths presentation for the week that I filled out. I learnt a lot about decimals. One thing we focused on was the place value of a decimal. We also learnt where the decimal point goes.

Thinkboard - Week 5

WALT: Add and subtract decimals.

This week, our think-board was all about adding decimals. Only decimals that only go up to the thousandths. I had help with my ten similar questions with my friend Htet htet

Ancient to Modern Gymnastics.

WALT: Learn more about the Olympics and find information through different sites.

I have spent some time finding information on the web for this presentation. I did not use a lot of it. One site that I found interesting (which was about the ancient gymnastics) and how gymnastics was in the first Olympics. I also found it interesting that the ancient gymnastics had very different events then the modern gymnastics.

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

A gymnast down

WALT: Write a narrative based on a picture of the modern Olympics.

Ella sat and looked upon her fellow competitors. She had a good stare at each gymnast station. In her head she knew that the beam was indeed the station she wanted to win in. Her coach came to her, “you’ve trained too hard to back out now”. She didn’t want to disappoint anyone, but the gymnast’s this year looked pretty high in the standards of gymnastics. “Miss Rasman”, the official called. “Miss Rasman, your up in twenty minutes”. Ella turned to the official and nodded. This was her year for three golds.

“No way I’m backing out now”, she told her coach. Ella faced her coach and he smiled. She then asked for some encouragement. A huddle was formed with Ella, her coach and her mother. Ella’s light brown hair bun, rested against her mother while her coach gave some encouraging words. “I hope that Ella Rasman will get a Gold and all her hard training will go to work”, her coach said.

It was time for the women's Olympic beam final. Ella had butterflies in her stomach caused by nervousness. She started the routine, before she knew it she was half way. With the splits in the air emotion came to her facials. Ella shook like crazy, fell and fainted. Without a blink of an eye the medical attention team came.

Image result for gymnasticsThere she lay on a medical bed. Only her mother and coach could see that. But when she gained consciousness, she was not sure with where she was. Her mother nor coach were there. Ella made a high pitch scream. Heavy puffing came from Ella as she was surprised. Surrounded her was four walls with two windows. An alarm went off next to her, it was 8:00 in the morning. That moment she realized it was all a dream (and she was in a hotel room). This was the actual day that Ella Rasman would compete for the beam final.  
The whole dream was a bit confusing. I guess her dream works are pretty mean to her. A flock of butterflies rushed down through Ella as she was about to compete in the beam. She was ready alright. That day she won gold and was presented her medal. Ella Rasman had won her Olympic dream(to win three golds)!

This week we wrote a narrative based on a picture. My picture was of Aly Raisman, a gymnast from the U.S.A. She has won three medals for Rio 2016. One gold and two silvers. When we edited our writing, some of us presented and read it to the class. One thing that my teacher said to check is the sentence types. Sentence types such as... simple sentences, compound sentences and complex sentences. Here is an example of a simple sentence. 
A splash appeared from behind the dolphin. Simple sentences only have one clause. Here is an example of a compound sentence.The man focused his eyes on the snow because the sun was to bright. Compound sentences have two clauses which is joined with a conjunction.  

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Thinkboard - Week 4

WALT: Add and Subtract decimals.

This week we focused our learning around subtracting decimals. Something I learnt this week is to never split up the first number of the equation, while partitioning. For example: 2.867 - 0.242 would equal to 2.625. This is how I solved it.
So the answer is 2.625. As you can see I split the second number and left the first number, the same.

Friday, 19 August 2016

Thinkboard - Week 3

WALT: Use prior knowledge of fractions to solve the following word problems.

This week our learning was based around fractions. My 10 similar questions were answered and thought about with my friend Htet htet and I. One thing that I learnt, is that when you keep using a strategy that you have learnt, you will get better at it. This strategy that I have learnt in the diagram is fast and simple.

Thursday, 18 August 2016

Olympic Medals

WALT: Learn more about the Olympics and find information through different sites.

This week we are making presentations based around the Olympics. I choose to learn about the medals in the Olympics. One thing that I learnt really stood out. It was that the Gold medal has not been 100% made of Gold since the 1912 Olympics. Since then the Gold medal has been mostly Silver. I hope that you learnt something from this. 

Friday, 12 August 2016

Thinkboard- Week 2

WALT: Work with decimals.

Last week we focused on decimals. We learnt about place value in decimals. Our teacher gave us a few questions before we started our think-board. For example: 11.34 x 0.6. The answer to this will be 6.804. One thing that I learnt is when you have the answer with no decimal, count how many numbers after the decimal point were
there in the original question. Count from the right hand side the numbers after the decimal point and that decimal point will go.