Monday, 11 December 2017

Go Hard with College

Today Mr Andrew Patterson came into our school with a student and an inspirational talk. Two students talked about their experiences with college and also shared some inspirational quotes. A student from Manurewa high school spoke about his experiences (it was a video of his speech given a week). He gave a quote. Which was 'change won't happen if you don't do something yourself'. That was probably my favourite quote from all the quotes that were given. From that I am now going to be the best college student I can be.

Mr Patterson brought with him an ex Pt England student who has moved onto Tamaki College. His name is Raenan. Raenan was asked questions from Mr Patterson. One of the questions were "how did you feel when you walked into Tamaki College for the first time as a year nine student on the first day?". He answered, "I felt nervous but once I saw my mates I felt like I belonged". He went on about how different college is to Pt England and how you need to manage time much better. That scared me a bit because I'm terrible with time. But then he said just go hard. Then I thought I can do it. Now I'm gonna go to college with the thought of 'GO HARD!'.

Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Time Word Problems

WALT: Use our known strategies to work out time lapse problems.

This week we learnt about showing our solving for word problems. There were only five problems but with the help of my friend Seini we were able to figure out how to solve the word problems.

Monday, 4 December 2017

Multiplication Pyramid

WALT: Complete the pyramid using no calculator.

This week for an exercise for our brain, we completed a multiplication pyramid. Usually our teacher allows us to use the calculator for the top three numbers. Instead of that, she made us work it out on our own. That's exactly what I did. I did use the calculator to check the answers but not multiply. My working out is on the side of the pyramid in the google drawing.

Letter to the Rugby League World Cup 2017 Tongan Team

Dear Tonga Rugby League World Cup 2017 Team,

Well done on getting to the semi-finals this year. Your team did incredibly well throughout the whole tournament. Next year I bet you'll make it to the finals (with no biased ref in the way). Even though you didn't win, you won in my eyes. Some people may be sad but you should be proud. You did really really great! God was with you through the games. You prayed before and after and you got so far with God. You did so well the king came! That must of been really cool.

Can't wait till the next Rugby League World Cup!
Your sincerely,


Thursday, 30 November 2017

Perspectives and Opinions

WALT: I am able to identify the  ideas opinions of author and share my own in comparison.

Tonga and England had a match on Saturday last week. The match was for semi finals for the 2017 rugby league world cup. At Mt Smart a crowd of 30,000 people cheered on the two teams. The last try was a bit of an upset. One of the refs were a bit biased

Word Problems Week 6 & 7

WALT: Understand which 2 operations (+, -, x, /) can be used to solve each problem.

This week in maths we were learning about word problems and how to solve them with two different operations. I tried to use two operations but I wrote it down in a book. 

Monday, 27 November 2017

Tooth Decay

WALT: I am able to distinguish between fact and opinion by identifying relevant language features the author has subtly used.

The end slide tells us to create a movie. We are in process of editing that movie so it will come in a separate post. I'd never heard of tooth decay until this week. It's a very serious matter that really needs to be deal with properly. 

Thursday, 23 November 2017

Phases of the Moon

WALT: Show in an animation the eight phases of the moon and show how the moon connects with the tides.
Even though this animation is a term late, I still have all the information I had in term three. I found it interesting that the tides are made from the moon. It's so fascinating. I just love the moon. Don't you?

Telephone's Years of Existence

WALT: Create an animation that gives information about one piece of technolog

This is two terms late but it still is finished. Our task was to create an animation that show one piece of technology throughout it's years of existence. My piece of technology was a telephone. In this animation I show three different telephones.

Water Cycle Animation

WALT: Create a animated diagram of the water cycle.

My water is three terms late but I got there in the end. The water cycle helps our water not run out. It's so fascinating!

Wednesday, 22 November 2017

The Manaiakalani 10th Annual Film Festival

Image result for manaiakalani

Manaiakalani is the trust which allows 13 schools to learn using chrome books. Every year the Manaiakalani trust has a film festival. All 13 schools go to the movie theater throughout the day of the film festival. All the film festival movies are made from classrooms over 13 schools.

All the movies come from the 13 schools. Throughout the day there are many movie sessions. Some schools are in a session with other schools. The year 6,7 and 8's of Pt England school are going at 11:00. I am lucky enough to be a presenter for our English extension class. That was my first time presenting.

The Maniakalani trust has booked out three movie theaters. I was really nervous at first; after the first session, I was used to it. My friend who presented with me was Noah. We presented three times that day. Just last week we had a special film festival with our school. All the movies from Pt England School were shown to the whole school. Every presenter presented and every movie from Pt England was played. Noah and I were the twelve people to present. Everyone said they loved our movie.

Unfortunately, after lunch, I was called out of the film festival for a test. I missed out on my sister's presentation and movie. But that's alright because I can watch it on the Manaiakalani 2017 film festival site... and so can you! Back to the story, I passed my test by the way and missed out on all the other movies. Next year I won't be able to watch these videos in cinema. Because I'll be at college. I think this was the best Maniakalani festival. How about you? You can go to the site and way back to 2008 and that Manaiakalani.

2017 Manaiakalani Film Festival videos

Thursday, 16 November 2017

Maths Problem

WALT: Solve maths problems.

This week we focused our learning on B.E.D.M.A.S. B.E.D.M.A.S is the order of solving a algebra question. First you should solve brackets, exponents, division, multiplication, addition and lastly subtraction.
On the tenth and eleventh slides, I solved those questions using B.E.D.M.A.S. I really hopenext week we learn about more about algebra.

Guy Fawkes

WALT: connecting and comparing. I relate information and ideas from texts to my own experience to form an opinion.

I didn't find out until last week that Guy Fawkes was actually a person. Personally I don't like the idea of mostly everyone celebrating a terrible event.  Guy Fawkes was not a very good person so I don't understand why the holiday is named after him.

Monday, 6 November 2017

Koko The Ape

WALT: Find evidence in a text. Use the process of elimination to find the 'best fit' answer.

The last few weeks in reading we have been learning about a ape called Koko. Koko has mastered sign language or at least that's what some people think. I really want to go to Koko one day to see ape sign language.

Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Our Makey-Makey Project

WALT: Use the Makey Makey kit.

Makey-makey kit is a toy that allows users to connect everyday objects to computer programs. In class we got into groups and made different projects. Our task in our extension class were to get into groups of 4 or lower. Every group had to pick a project that includeed using the makey-makey kit. One choice was a game show. Their goal was to make a noise when a buzzer is pressed. Another choice was a band. Create instruments and play a song. The last choice was to make a game controller. This controller had to be suitable for one sort of disability.

 I was in a group with Moroni and Seini. We made controllers for a game that would be suitable for one disability. Our controllers were made to be suitable for people with amputated arms. This is our game looked like this.
 I was surprised to find out that I actually know quite a bit with the makey-makey kit. This game is a two player version of beat the goalie. It's supposed to be a rugby match between Australia and New Zealand. Even though all three of us worked on this, I think I really helped with the game. Moroni was good with the makey-makey and Seini with making the control. We all learnt something different from each other.

Everyone in our class really enjoyed our game. I enjoyed it to. From a scale of 1 to 10(1 being bad 10 being great) I rate this game a 8. The controls are easy to use but the game could use some more bling.

Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Word Problems

WALT: Find an appropriate strategy to solve each word problem.

This week we solved some word problems.

Friday, 20 October 2017

Niue Language Week

Image result for niue
Fakaalofa lahi atu Did you know that his week is Niue language week? To celebrate, our Niuean group created a beautiful dance and a Niuean haka!  'Ko e Vagahau Niue ko e Atefau he Tangata Niue' is the message for the Niue language week. It means, 'The Niue Language is the Heart of Niue people'. Some students from the group said a little speech. That's the only time I've ever heard Niuean language and it's beautiful. Fun Fact; there are more Niueans living in New Zealand than Niue!!

It's only been roughly a week for the group to practice. Still they were fantastic! The girls did a cultural dance. A Niuean haka was performed by the boys. They sounded like bold warriors! While I was watching, I realized that the Niuean culture is very special to all these students. I just cannot wait for the 2018 Niuean language week.

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Perspectives and Opinions

WALT: Justifying - I can discuss and justify my responses across a small range of texts (thoughts, feelings, ideas and understandings).

This week is Niue Language Week. Did you know that New Zealand have more Niueans living here than in Niue? I didn't until this week. Our teacher gave us this task to learn more about Niue. I have succeeded. Now I really want to go to Niue! 

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

My Last Immersion Assembly

WALT: Write a recount of the immersion assembly.

Every term brings a new topic. This term brought Musical Madness as a topic. It’s all about Music and affects us.  Each team performed a little act to show their focus which are all based on Music.

The assembly started off with our senior management team band. Their song is called 'musical madness saves the day'. A band of five ruled the stage. It was a performance like no other a teacher rock school band. One played the drums, another played the guitar, one other playing the trumpet, one on the base and on the tambourine. We couldn't hear the words but heard lots of the instruments.

Team five’s (year 7 & 8’s) focus is, how do composers use music to evoke an emotional response in an audience? Their act was about a family watching the lion king. One scene was replayed four or five times. Each time the music changed… and so did their emotions. When the music sounded creepy, they all showed they were scared. When the music sounded happy they all looked happy. The act informed us the exact focus we’re gonna be learning about.

I found team three to be the most entertaining. Their focus is how music can impact our daily lives. Their act was a movie. Instead of talking different lyrics from songs were played. For example; one teacher lip synced, “I'm gonna swing from the chandelier”. Then another teacher said “well that’s pretty dangerous”. The first teacher then lip synced “Somethin' 'bout you makes me feel like a dangerous woman”. Everyone was laughing.

I can’t wait what this term has in store for us. This is sadly my last term… and I have a feeling it’s gonna be great! All such fun things to do in only nine weeks. I have high hopes that we’ll be able to fit the musical madness into nine weeks. I wonder if I could be a composer who could create an emotional response? I guess I’ll have to wait and see.

This is some of team five's act

Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Catching Flounder

WALT: Write a recount about current events.

Flounder, yum yum! Today Pt England's flounder team are catching flounder. Not to eat but to farm. We're farming flounder in partnership with Kauri Flat School.

Everyone from Pt England walked down Riverside Avenue; all because those flounders. We sang three Himene (Hymn) to bless the flounder team. Also we said one Karakia (prayer) to bless the day. They are still catching flounder right now!

We're so excited for the flounder to be farmed. Our flounder farming tank is ready to go. Kauri Flat School have already caught four flounder. I'm hoping the team will get more than four. It's not a competition... but I'm still hoping for more than four. Can't wait to see our farm grow! Also the flounder to grow too!

The container just came back with the flounder in it. Our class went out to see the flounder. Their really really small. We couldn't count them. One of the fish was not a flounder. I think they'll release that fish back into the water.

Monday, 25 September 2017

Time Table Practise

WALT: Practise our time tables.

Most days we have a warm up activity. Today that activity is practising our time tables. We practise on a site called 'tablesmaster'. It's a cool site. I practised my 12 time tables. I not very fast but I think this is much that before. 


WALT: Analysing - I am able to distinguish between fact and opinion by identifying relevant language features the author has subtly used.

This post was supposed to be finish the week this legend died. But I guess I was a tiny bit late... or maybe a lot later then expected. I found out a lot of things about Sir Colin Meads. He was a great hero and I'm very sad about his death. 

Friday, 22 September 2017

Pt England School at AIMS

WALT: Reflecting - on writer and audience appeal in news articles and campaigning (advertising).

Yes, the Pt England seven's boys won the rugby seven AIMS tournament. WE'RE THE CHAMPIONS. Some people weren't as happy. All the locals were disappointed. But at least the Tauranga Indeterminate came second. 

The making of our class' Manaiakalani film festival movie

WALT: Write about our experience of movie making for Manaiakalani Film Festival.

Image result for manaiakalani
Manaiakalani is the trust which allows 13 schools to learn with chrome books. Every year the Manaiakalani trust has a film festival. All 13 schools go to the movie theater throughout the week of the film festival. All the film festival movies, are made from classrooms over 13 schools. My class' movie has three parts.

I think the part of the movie I'm in is very funny. The biggest challenge of filming had to be keeping in character. Everyone couldn't stop laughing. Everything was just so hilarious. It took one whole hour to film the our little part. My highlight was laughing. Laughing was my highlight and low light. I can't wait to see it on the big screen at the film festival.

Next year, I'm going to high school. That means this is the last time I'll experience the making of the Manaiakalani film festival. Can't wait to go to the movie theater to see our amazing but funny movie.

Click on this link to go to past movies from past film festivals.

Friday, 15 September 2017

Phases of the moon

WALT: Learn all the phases of the moon.

These are the phases of the moon viewed from the Southern Hemisphere. I quite like the moon. It's great. I wonder what's it like to walk on it. Only twelve people know what it like to walk on the moon. Can't wait to learn more.

Monday, 11 September 2017

Multiplication Pyramid

WALT: Practice our multiplication.

Most weeks we use the Multiplication Pyramid to get our brains started for the week. How it works is...
when you first get there are only the bottom layer of number, multiply the numbers and put the answer in the top box. For example, in the bottom left corner of the pyramid the multiplication equation would be... 5 x 1. My answer is in the box above.

Thursday, 7 September 2017


WALT: Rotate, reflect and translate shapes.

This weeks learning in maths included a very fun activity. Our task was to partner up and figure out who was B and who was A. Our teacher would call things like, "partner A pose at 180 degrees clockwise. Now partner B copy what your partner is doing but do it reflection".

Monday, 4 September 2017

Rotating Shapes Questions

WALT: Learn about rotate, reflect and translate shapes.

This week we learnt about shapes and angles. Our class went onto a site called 'maths is fun'. We answered questions based around rotation, reflection and translation shapes. The first picture is a question I found easy. It is 'The square is rotated one complete turn about the point O. Which of the following shows the new position of the square?'. The other question is the question that I found hard. It is 'When this rectangle is rotated about the point (2.0) by 30% anticlockwise (counterclockwise), which one of these would it look like?'. I just didn't get it. This week my goal is to make the difficult questions easier for me to understand. 

Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Geometry 3D Model

WALT: Draw a 2D representation of a 3D model. Draw a plan for the side, front and top view of a 3D model.

You may have seen my post about a learning about geometry. This is the final results. My partner did really well and nearly had the perfect model.

Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Speech Competition

You may have seen my speech from a few weeks ago. Well everybody in Year 7 & 8 (at our school) made a speech as well. Three of the best speeches from each literacy classes were chosen and had a little speech off. The three from our classroom were... Yvonne, Seini and Atareita. I think they were awesome. You can read about it here. In every speech, I could feel that everyone was nervous. Sitting there I thought of some things I could include in my speech.
Fifteen speeches were given in front of all year 7 & 8's. My favourite speech had to be the first. Her speech was about a sad personal story.  I nearly cried.

Those speeches have been marked. Now we're waiting for the top five speeches to be announced. Can't wait to see who was the best!

Monday, 28 August 2017

Geometry Cube Rockets

Today we started our maths lesson for the week. We are learning about Geometry. We've got a task that comes along with it. In our maths book we designed our cube rockets. Our task was to try to figure out in our minds, what it would look like from the top, side and front. We partnered up with a person. Tomorrow our partners are going to try and build the rocket. Their gonna try to build it with only the drawing (in our math books) of the top, side and front.  Can't wait for tomorrow.

All this data is going to be recorded onto a presentation. It will be posted by the end of the week.

Tuesday, 22 August 2017

'I wonder' Question Animation

WALT: Animate our answers.

Every term, we have to make an animation. This term we made our animation animate our answers to a question. This question had to say 'I wonder' in the beginning of the question.

Thursday, 17 August 2017

Number Knowledge

WALT: Add and subtract negative numbers.

Last week in maths we learnt about adding and subtracting. We learnt that negative numbers can be very useful in life. For example when you buy something and give money over the price, you should know the change you need back.

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

GEGNZ Student Summit

Image result for gegnz student summitLast Friday the year 7 & 8 Pt England extension group went to the Google Educator Group New Zealand student summit. We entered early with plenty of time to spare. Ormiston Junior College hosted this event. There were three sessions of lots of many workshops. Two of them were presented from us. Every workshop were about something different. For example: one workshop was based around coding with robots. Ormiston Junior College MLE's were our space to learn in. There were about 400 hundred other students there. It was absolutely incredible! Before the workshop sessions started we had a big welcome in Auditorium. The people from young oceans explorer also talked to us. (visit their site it's really cool).

Image result for gegnz student summit 2017It was then time for the workshops! The extension group was split in half. One half was presenting their workshop during session 1. I was in the second half. We first went a workshop for a whole lot of robot coding. It was presented by Sunnyhill school. The next session we presented. It was about coding in scratch. You may know that the year 7&8 extension group have been making scratch games. We nearly taught them how to make beat the goalie. Our workshop didn't have enough time to finish. The last session we learnt about telegrami. It's a great app that allows you to record well a cartoon character's mouth moves to the words of the recording. Anyway, it's really cool. The goodbye in the auditorium was awesome! Prizes were given. Four students form Pt England won a prize. Once all the prizes were gone everyone took a really big selfie. It's that photo right there. Suan (the man in the right bottom corner) works for google. He talked about how we are inventors. Everyone looked at him confused. In our minds we were like, 'what? me an inventor!'.  He then told us, "you can change the world by changing ourselves". That's exactly what I'm gonna do.The GEGNZ student summit is very cool. I'm leaving Point England for high school so I won't be going next year. It's very sad but I'm glad I can look back on this experience with a smile.

Monday, 14 August 2017

Measurement Part 2

WALT: Make estimates of lengths and convert between metres and centimetres.

Measurements are awesome! Don't you think? That's why I'm so happy to be learning about them in class. I learnt that measurements are important in life. You can use it to help with shopping. Which is something I do most days. If I can use measurements so can you!

Night Light

WALT: Identify features of a non-fiction text.

Wednesday, 9 August 2017


WALT: Make estimates of lengths. Convert between metres and centimetres

This is last week's maths. We are learning about measuring and all the different types of measurement. Those types are...
millimetres, centimetres, metres, tonne, milligram, centigram, grams, kilogram, millilitres, centilitres, litres just to name a few.

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Speech Reflection

WALT:  Reflect on our given speech.

This is our reflection on our speeches. It's pretty much our thoughts on our speech. I really think I can improve next time.

Monday, 7 August 2017

What to do...

.. in a power cut at night and your siblings are looking after you.

WALT:  I will identify the different places speeches/talks are given and how they are designed for delivery.

I’m pretty sure everyone’s gone through a power cut in the night right. (wait for them to say yea). Well have you ever gone through one well your parents are out and your older siblings are looking after you BUT REALLY they're just on their phones with their data and do not care about a thing you do? I have so I’m gonna give you some tips on what to do.  

Tip one, light a candle. For this you need a match and a candle. Or maybe a few matches. First light the match. Second, light the candle. Third, blow out the candle and light it again for fun. Great tip. I tried the last instruction and it made no difference.

Tip two, save the ice-cream. Use the candle to find the ice-cream. The ice-cream is on the verge of melting. Be a superhero for your family and eat the ice-cream. It’s gonna be hard but you gotta do it. If you can find any chocolate sauce that is melting(even though can’t melt) pour it on top.

After finishing the ice-cream, put the bowl and spoon in the dishwasher. Even though it’s not going to turn on. You might feel like eating that ice-cream was tiring. I mean lifting the spoon from the bowl or container all the way into your mouth. Now we move onto tip three, sleep until the power turns on and your parents come back. Unless it’s past your bedtime, get up and convince your parents that your siblings ate the ice-cream. You may never experience this. But now you know I have.

This speech is a draft from last week. You can revisit my blog this week to read the completed Speech. By the way I have a video but it wouldn't load. Also you can't hear the video but I'm saying the same thing as what is written. This is a screenshot and it's part of the video.

The Space Race

WALT:  Justify by selecting the evidence across a range of texts to demonstrate what I understand of the 'Space Race' and it's purpose.
SUCCESS CRITERIA:  I will identify in my letter to opposition team their accomplishment by way of what I understand from text set.

Last week in reading we learnt about the space race. It was a race between the Soviet Union and United States of America. First they were trying to get the first satellite into space. Second they were trying to get the first man into space. Lastly they were trying to get the first man on the moon. So in the end I think that the Soviet Union won the race.

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

20 Hour Famine Sleepover

 Two months ago, Pt England's two extension groups had the chance to participate the 20 hour famine. Every year the students come to have a sleep over. There are a few teachers there. All the teams performs an item. This year I decided to go and be in the yellow team. I had just moved houses so I got there a bit late.

Image result for 40 hour famineIt was a while before we actually started something. We all sat down in our teams. Our teacher told us to look around and make sure we get along with these people. That was because we were going to be making and performing an item with them. Chatter started to fill the room. A big “shhhhhhhhh”, came from the teacher. “Yellow team you can practise in the creative space”, she told us. (the creative space is one of the classrooms). Just to remind you I had a broken leg during this. I decided for myself that I would go without my crutches for today. It was a very bad idea. Five minutes into practising, my leg felt like I had just broken it again. I told the teacher and she took me home. Once I got  home my mum was telling me to eat. Even though I wasn’t at the sleepover I still wanted to do the famine. She forced me to eat it. So I did not do the 40 hour famine or the 20 hour famine. I only did 14 hours. I really hope to do it next year.

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Term 3 Has Arrived

Task: Write about the immersion assembly.

Term three has arrived. Yesterday we had immersion assembly and all the teams teachers had created really cool items. All the items were based on what their team are learning about this term.

A buzzing noise came from the back of the hall. Everybody looked back to see a drone. Aliens came onto the stage. Two of our teachers bravely stepped in. The teachers had lightsabers. Everyone found it really funny. The aliens were defeated. Our principal came onto the stage. He said, “this term’s topic is… Guardians of the Galaxy.

Team one and two focus is the solar system. They both had creative movies. Team one’s movie was about the teachers going to space. All of their teachers made a song. I found it really smart. The second team (team two) also made a movie. Their movie was actually a music video they created. Teachers were in space and one teacher was singing. All their lyrics were made by them but the music was by David Bowie..

“Next up... team three!’, said our principal. Team three’s introduction started with one of the teachers talking. She asked what day it was today. Then she asked what day was tomorrow. Her last question she went up to one particular boy. The question was,”what day is it in sixteen days”. He shrugged his shoulders. It turned out it was both of the birthdays in sixteen days. The movie started. Day of our lives intro started. After that they showed all their days during the week. Their focus was time.

“Only two more teams to go”, I thought to myself. Team four also had a movie. Their movie was set in the future. All the earth was gone and it was to disgusting to live in. Some teachers decided to go to space for a find of another planet. Every teacher from that team tried but all got blown up. Laughter filled the hall. Their focus was a question. Can humans survive on other planets?

It was time for team five. All the teacher had paper stars stuck to themselves. I don’t know about anyone else but I was laughing. Before the item began, my teacher said the introduction. “Our main focus for this term is, What impact does the moon have on the earth?” she started off. “If you listen the lyrics you might understand a bit more”. They all stood on stage. One teacher from our team started to sing. She sang to her own lyrics but to the song from Moana. I forgot which one though.

Everyone explained what their learning about… but I think that team three was most informative. Their movie showed acted days of their lives. That fits in perfect because their learning about time. I thought that was pretty smart. Overall I am very excited to learn what impact the moon has on earth. Can’t wait for term three to really kick off!

Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Scratch Game Reflection

WALT: Create a game on Scratch.

This term we have made a game on scratch. Scratch is a website that allows you to create all kind of things with code. In extension we have gotten into groups of two or three and made a shooting/maze game set in space. The game has three levels and lots of challenges. My partners name is Mo. He drew most of the backgrounds, targets and sprites(characters).

The most challenging part of all of this had to be the coding. I learnt a few new tricks from last term. The coding in level three was pretty hard. Trying to get the alien to move. It just wouldn't work! But Finally it worked and heres the finished product.

All of the levels have the own stripes and we had their challenges. On level one the challenge was the background. It just wouldn't listen to our code. But with the magic of other coding blocks put together, we finally got to level two. Our second level is a shooting level. We found it difficult to get the gun to actually shoot. Lucky enough Mo and I watched different tutorials and found out what we needed to do. The last level had the hardest challenge which you know all ready. To get the alien to move!

You can play the game and find out what you think of it. Make sure you look at the instructions (on the right) before playing. Heres the link. Below is a little of what it looks like.
 Background 3
Background 2
Background 3

Monday, 26 June 2017

Multiplication Pyramid

WALT: Practise our multiplication.

This week in maths we had a pyramid to multiply. So how it works is the you multiply the first row. For example, 9 x 2 on the right hand bottom corner. That would equal to 18. 

Sunday, 25 June 2017

Home Learning Week 8

Home Learning Focus: Maths

This presentation for home learning is from last week. I was very busy this week and there hasn't been a home learning since week 6. So I didn't get to start it until the weekend. Here it is! I think I have improved in maths whizz a lot. In two weeks I've got lots of minutes of maths whizz. It's pretty cool.

Thursday, 22 June 2017

Inquiry Diary 1

Walt: Make a model for toilets. 

In inquiry we are building or making something to improve the school. We decided that we should make toilet model. There's gonna be two toilets for the year seven and eight boys and girls. My group is with Javan, Yvonne and myself. Our actual model hasn't got much progress. But our sketches have real detail. The sketches have gone from paper to digital. We used floor planner to get the design. The boys toilet needs a little work but it is to come very soon. Here's the floor planner idea. 

3D: Boys bathroom- top Girls bathroom- bottom Room 3- middle

2D: Boys bathroom- top Girls bathroom- bottom Room 3- middle

Thursday, 15 June 2017

Decimal Word Problems

WALT: Recognise and understand word problems.

This week in maths I finished my work early. This is an early finish presentation. I found it fun solving the questions with my friends. Can't wait till next week's maths. 

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Sweet as poetry

WALT: Oral language - Analyse and adapt spoken texts with expression and confidence.
SUCCESS CRITERIA: Acknowledgements when reading lines of a play or poem, punctuation- pauses, taking a breath, volume (expression and moods)

This week our focus in reading is poetry. We read four poems and answered some questions. They were all very interesting but I found that the 'embarrassment expert' was my favourite. I can relate to it. Embarrassment is occurring in my life. I get embarrassed so much. That poem is my favourite because I can relate to it.

Space Tech

WALA(we are learning about): Space technology.

I read from this website and here's a short explanation about it.

For a long time people have dreamed about going to space. The earliest work on rockets engines were  designed for spaceflight occurred during the early 20th century in three countries by three scientists. In Russia, by Konstantin Tsiolkovsky; in the United States, by Robert Goddard; and in Germany, by Hermann Oberth. On October 4, 1957 the soviets launched the first artificial satellite called Sputnik 1. Four years later, Yuri Gagarin became the first human to orbit the earth in Vostok 1. His last flight took 108 minutes with an altitude of 327 kilometers(that’s about 202 miles).

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