Wednesday, 2 August 2017

20 Hour Famine Sleepover

 Two months ago, Pt England's two extension groups had the chance to participate the 20 hour famine. Every year the students come to have a sleep over. There are a few teachers there. All the teams performs an item. This year I decided to go and be in the yellow team. I had just moved houses so I got there a bit late.

Image result for 40 hour famineIt was a while before we actually started something. We all sat down in our teams. Our teacher told us to look around and make sure we get along with these people. That was because we were going to be making and performing an item with them. Chatter started to fill the room. A big “shhhhhhhhh”, came from the teacher. “Yellow team you can practise in the creative space”, she told us. (the creative space is one of the classrooms). Just to remind you I had a broken leg during this. I decided for myself that I would go without my crutches for today. It was a very bad idea. Five minutes into practising, my leg felt like I had just broken it again. I told the teacher and she took me home. Once I got  home my mum was telling me to eat. Even though I wasn’t at the sleepover I still wanted to do the famine. She forced me to eat it. So I did not do the 40 hour famine or the 20 hour famine. I only did 14 hours. I really hope to do it next year.

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  1. Hi Talita

    Thank you for your efforts to participate in the 40 Hour Famine. Unfortunately you had to leave early because of your injured leg. Never mind you did participate fully last year and I am sure that you will continue to take part next year.

    Mrs Lagitupu


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