Friday, 31 October 2014

Reading Maps-Maths

This week in maths, we did something different. We did four presentations. Our task was to get one of the presentations and post it. On the last map there is one that is not answered because nobody knew it. Some of it might be wrong, but I tried my best.

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Hibernating Animals

In Class today, our teacher gave us a work sheet to do. On the work sheet it had a task for us which was to make a Google drawing showing picture of the six hibernation animals. After we have done that, we post a sentence or two about hibernation. So here it is!

A Hibernation animals has three steps.( Don't do this at home). First they either store food or eat the food.  Next they make or find a shelter for winter. Last of all, these animals fall into a deep, deep sleep.

Thursday, 30 October 2014


In Extension, we watched a short movie from the programme Tagata Pasifika  about Tufuga Suluape.  The short clip describes  a man who goes through the pain of a Tatau - or Samoan tattoo.  The man had to first ask his parent's permission and for their blessing to be able to get the Tatau.  A traditional Samoan Tatau artist will only do a Tatau on someone young who has their parent's blessing.  It is very painful to get one, but the man in the clip had decided that was what he really wanted to do.  His supported person - or a Sua, another close person to get their own Tatau at the same time, was his brother. One of the cool things is that he was his brothers Sua.  He got their tattoos done in front of a whole lot of people at Auckland University in the Centre for Pasifika studies. Because Tufuga Suluape was there for reason which I don't know, any body was allowed to watch. We were asked by Mrs Telea to think about if we would get a Tatau or not.  I thought about it and I thought that I wouldn't get one because, one: I'm too young and two: it looks really sore - and besides, I dislike needles intensely!  (It's a long story).  Maybe I might change my mind when I get older but my answer for now the answers no.

That's all I have to say to you for now but wait, you never know if I might post some thing.

Qualities of a Good Friend-Writing

Qualities of a Good (Great) Friend
Are you a good friend, an okay friend or a just a friend?  Well this text will lead you to one of the bests ways to be a great friend. First of all you need to get a friend. Next step, you need to follow my intrusions. After you have done this you will be a great friend.

If want to be a great friend, one of the most important qualities is to be supportive to your friend. For example; When your friend is playing a game, you cheer them on so that they can feel better. There are lots of examples but we’ll stay with that today. Make sure that you do this because it is one of the most important qualities.

Being Respectful is also another important qualities. Especially when your friend is telling you something. For example; a secret. When your being respectful to your friend its like being respectful to your teacher or your Mum and Dad. If you are reading this, you should make sure that you be respectful to your friends.

Honesty is another important qualities. The way you use this is to tell the truth all the time. For example; if you want something and you say that you want it because you don’t have one but you lied, that means that you need to tell truth. Sometimes I think that honesty means the truth. This needs to be used a lot.

These three things that you have read, won’t just finish off how to be a great friend. There’s also lot more qualities to be a great friend. After you have finish reading this, make sure you take those three instructions and you will succeed.

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Tips on How to Answer Multiple Questions-Reading

This Week in reading we have learning about multiple questions. I thought that I could give you some tips on answering multiple questions.

Did you get some tips? If you did, you should use those to answer your questions.

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

The Victorian Transport-Miss Wood

This Week, Miss Wood set us a task to pair up with somebody then we had to make a presentation about what transport they used in the Victorian Era. My partner was Waimaria and she was a very good partner.
Hope you Enjoy. 

Turkey-Miss Wood

TASK: To find out about the culture of a country in Asia. To create a presentation using images and text explaining what is their culture. I made this with Waimaria. 
                                    Hope you enjoy!


Friday, 24 October 2014

A to Z Art Attack

For inquiry this week, our task was to find a partner and make an A to Z slide show. Each letter had to have that has something to do with art to match the letter.

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Problem Solving

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Sun Smart

Sun Smart
How do you be sun smart? If you don’t know what sunsmart is, it is being smart in the sun. For example; putting on sunblock on. Well if you want to know three things about being sun smart. This is how I’m going to tell you about being sunsmart. It is  by you reading the next three paragraphs.

There is this thing in that comes from the sun that is called UV radiation which you can’t see but you can feel . One way to be sunsmart is to stay under a umbrella, tree or anything else you can think of. The reason why you could be under something if you have no hat then you will probably going to get sun burnt. That’s why you need to stay in the shade if you have no hat.

Skin Cancer
Skin cancer can be caused by sunburn . That means we shouldn’t be in the sun too much. If we don’t protect ourselves then we might get sun burn, and that sometimes can give skin cancer and that is something that we don’t want to have. The reason why we should stay out of the sun most of the time, is because that we might die, so get serious about this. Get ready for summer.

Did you know that from September to April, at 10am to 4pm is burn time?  Well if you don’t know what burn time is, it’s when the UV radiation is at it’s strongest. In this time you need to protect yourself from the sun. “Why do we have to do this?” you ask, well the reason why is because you could sunburnt, and you know where that leads right?

Since you and I have learnt more about being sunsmart, we can do it. So remember from September to April you stay in the shade or  put on a hat, and do this from 10am till 4pm. I hope you read the whole story not just this part of this text.

(Come back for more writing next week).

Victorian Era

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Questions for Michael

Our task for reading this week, was to make questions that we would ask an artist called "Michael".  

1. What sort of art do you do?
2.Who inspired you to do this?
3.How did you get into this art?
4.How many animals have you made?
5.What is the last animal that you made?
Click here to watch my video with one of the fake Michel.

Week 2 Blog Post

This is my some of my favourite things.

Game: Don't have one
Food: Don't have one
Drink: Water(It counts)
What I do when I'm bored: Stay bored until I eat or go to sleep 
Where I do my Learning: At School and at home

Come back next week another blog post.

Monday, 20 October 2014

Week 1 Blog Post

This week my weekly blog post is an art that I drew on Abc ya classic paint . Come back next week for more weekly blog post.

Friday, 17 October 2014

My Term Three Holiday Hilight

My Holiday Highlight
Th           Last day of term three 2014 and sort of the holiday when I home. Once I came home I packed my bag for a night at my Aunty's house. It took four hours to get there and back. I won’t go on and on about this so, we’re going to stop this introduction and carry on with this holiday of mine.   We  were going to Riverside camp. I thought that it was going to be boring but…   you’ll see what happen.

What Riverside is all about
               Riverside camp has a club which is on  every Wednesday , except for the                 first week of school each  term.  Our camp in  not like any other camp, because we have four boy groups and four girl groups. In the groups we have leaders. We also have boy cabins and girls cabins. At camp we also have three boss’ of the camp and one of them was my Dad.

How it turned out

              If you looked at the first paragraph it say “you’ll see what happen”, well this is that paragraph. It turned out really good camp. My group was called the all star, I made the name but I didn’t want that name. There was nine people in our group including our leaders. We had a person in our group who broke her leg which meant that we somethings in games we had one person short but in other games we were a fine team. At the end of camp our team won even though I didn’t want to.

Questions from Regan

Thursday, 16 October 2014


In extension, we have been given a task to find a partner and tell each other what are the most important things in our life's. We had five minutes to do this and five minutes to draw a symbol from the important thing in our life's. My partner was Yvonne who drew this picture from what I told her. If you guess my important things in my life is God and family then you are right.

Tuesday, 14 October 2014