Thursday, 30 October 2014


In Extension, we watched a short movie from the programme Tagata Pasifika  about Tufuga Suluape.  The short clip describes  a man who goes through the pain of a Tatau - or Samoan tattoo.  The man had to first ask his parent's permission and for their blessing to be able to get the Tatau.  A traditional Samoan Tatau artist will only do a Tatau on someone young who has their parent's blessing.  It is very painful to get one, but the man in the clip had decided that was what he really wanted to do.  His supported person - or a Sua, another close person to get their own Tatau at the same time, was his brother. One of the cool things is that he was his brothers Sua.  He got their tattoos done in front of a whole lot of people at Auckland University in the Centre for Pasifika studies. Because Tufuga Suluape was there for reason which I don't know, any body was allowed to watch. We were asked by Mrs Telea to think about if we would get a Tatau or not.  I thought about it and I thought that I wouldn't get one because, one: I'm too young and two: it looks really sore - and besides, I dislike needles intensely!  (It's a long story).  Maybe I might change my mind when I get older but my answer for now the answers no.

That's all I have to say to you for now but wait, you never know if I might post some thing.

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