Thursday, 30 October 2014

Qualities of a Good Friend-Writing

Qualities of a Good (Great) Friend
Are you a good friend, an okay friend or a just a friend?  Well this text will lead you to one of the bests ways to be a great friend. First of all you need to get a friend. Next step, you need to follow my intrusions. After you have done this you will be a great friend.

If want to be a great friend, one of the most important qualities is to be supportive to your friend. For example; When your friend is playing a game, you cheer them on so that they can feel better. There are lots of examples but we’ll stay with that today. Make sure that you do this because it is one of the most important qualities.

Being Respectful is also another important qualities. Especially when your friend is telling you something. For example; a secret. When your being respectful to your friend its like being respectful to your teacher or your Mum and Dad. If you are reading this, you should make sure that you be respectful to your friends.

Honesty is another important qualities. The way you use this is to tell the truth all the time. For example; if you want something and you say that you want it because you don’t have one but you lied, that means that you need to tell truth. Sometimes I think that honesty means the truth. This needs to be used a lot.

These three things that you have read, won’t just finish off how to be a great friend. There’s also lot more qualities to be a great friend. After you have finish reading this, make sure you take those three instructions and you will succeed.

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