Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Sun Smart

Sun Smart
How do you be sun smart? If you don’t know what sunsmart is, it is being smart in the sun. For example; putting on sunblock on. Well if you want to know three things about being sun smart. This is how I’m going to tell you about being sunsmart. It is  by you reading the next three paragraphs.

There is this thing in that comes from the sun that is called UV radiation which you can’t see but you can feel . One way to be sunsmart is to stay under a umbrella, tree or anything else you can think of. The reason why you could be under something if you have no hat then you will probably going to get sun burnt. That’s why you need to stay in the shade if you have no hat.

Skin Cancer
Skin cancer can be caused by sunburn . That means we shouldn’t be in the sun too much. If we don’t protect ourselves then we might get sun burn, and that sometimes can give skin cancer and that is something that we don’t want to have. The reason why we should stay out of the sun most of the time, is because that we might die, so get serious about this. Get ready for summer.

Did you know that from September to April, at 10am to 4pm is burn time?  Well if you don’t know what burn time is, it’s when the UV radiation is at it’s strongest. In this time you need to protect yourself from the sun. “Why do we have to do this?” you ask, well the reason why is because you could sunburnt, and you know where that leads right?

Since you and I have learnt more about being sunsmart, we can do it. So remember from September to April you stay in the shade or  put on a hat, and do this from 10am till 4pm. I hope you read the whole story not just this part of this text.

(Come back for more writing next week).

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