Friday, 17 October 2014

My Term Three Holiday Hilight

My Holiday Highlight
Th           Last day of term three 2014 and sort of the holiday when I home. Once I came home I packed my bag for a night at my Aunty's house. It took four hours to get there and back. I won’t go on and on about this so, we’re going to stop this introduction and carry on with this holiday of mine.   We  were going to Riverside camp. I thought that it was going to be boring but…   you’ll see what happen.

What Riverside is all about
               Riverside camp has a club which is on  every Wednesday , except for the                 first week of school each  term.  Our camp in  not like any other camp, because we have four boy groups and four girl groups. In the groups we have leaders. We also have boy cabins and girls cabins. At camp we also have three boss’ of the camp and one of them was my Dad.

How it turned out

              If you looked at the first paragraph it say “you’ll see what happen”, well this is that paragraph. It turned out really good camp. My group was called the all star, I made the name but I didn’t want that name. There was nine people in our group including our leaders. We had a person in our group who broke her leg which meant that we somethings in games we had one person short but in other games we were a fine team. At the end of camp our team won even though I didn’t want to.

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