Wednesday, 13 April 2016

From Boys2Men - Brainstorm

WALT: Recount key points and facts from a film or trailer.

This week we watched a movie called from boy2men. It is a movie filmed in Auckland and filmed by a school. We are planning a writing that is a seven to eight paragraphs of what the movie is about. The brainstorm is there so when we write about it tomorrow we remember what happened. It is a really smart way of remembering things. This is only the drawing and the presentation will be coming soon.

Friday, 8 April 2016

Fiafia 2016 - (Post 1)

WALT: Write a quick text talking about Fiafia and how we are feeling about.

I have a question for you. What two days start with T that are not Tuesday and Thursday?... Today and tomorrow! Those are the two days we are going to be performing in front of a crowd on stage. Today we are going to be having our rehearsal today and the actual Fiafia tomorrow. This is my last Fiafia as we have Fiafia every second year. To fill in an exciting thing for year in between Fiafia that extra year we have a production which is next year.

Fiafia has been going over 16 years. It is all about us (the students) performing in different groups with our amazing tutors. There culture groups and other groups like hip hop. All together we have 18 Fiafia groups. Some groups have two groups like for seniors and juniors. Other groups may have more one groups because they have one group for boys and one group for girls. An example of a group is the senior Samoan group. I am in that group and our tutor is Timmy. Our dance was not to  challenging to learn or to easy learn. The song to the dance is called Samoa e.

One thing I love about Fiafia is the food and performances. They are both so good, especially the food. There are lots of stalls where you can buy from. The stalls are only open a 
certain amount of time. Talking about time, there is also a certain time that we have to be there to get dressed. Before I get really excited, rehearsals come first before the actual event. We had a rehearsal with all the groups just after morning tea. This practise went until Lunch. It was a long rehearsal but I survived. I pretended that the rehearsals were the real event so I tried to do my best to sing, to smile and to dance. Just as I did in the rehearsal I will try to do my best.

Fiafia is here!! In the intermediate block, we wrote about Fiafia and how I feel about it. I posted this two days later so might not make to much sense. I wrote this in two days so that is a another reason it might not make sense. This is my writing for before Fiafia and I will be writing another one about Fiafia the actual event.

Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Fact or Opinion

WALT: I can scan text to find information that express an opinion or fact.

This week in reading, we did a little activity about the flag foredoom. We read statements and marked them if we thought they were fact opinion. Together as a class, we marked if we were right or wrong. I think I had got one wrong but changed it just as our teacher said we are going to mark now. That was the only thing wrong but I counted as right in case somebody does not read this bit and says, that was right she marked it wrong. It was a fun activity. If your thinking that i did this myself, I didn't and Seini was the person I did this with.

Monday, 4 April 2016

Compare and Contrast

MTV - The C.A.S.T.Z

  The CASTZ from Team 5 PES on Vimeo

In extension this term, we had been given the task of getting into groups and making a MTV. Our MTV had to include the act kindness, how kindness in showed in school. When extension time came there was at lease two people who were away. We didn't come at lunch times so you might see some replays and confusion because the movie does not match the words to the song. I hope you get the message through the mis matching things. Apart from that I think the video was good.

Friday, 1 April 2016

Hatter's Gold

WALT: (a) Predicting: I confirm make and refine predictions before, during and after. (b) Summarising: I draw conclusions, and make generations.

I sorry I could not finish the movie but it will be posted soon. This story had some sad bits to it, but it was good in the end. One of the things that being kind just before you died is a great to do. Anytime of kindness would be great actually. If you want to read the story click link.