Wednesday, 22 November 2017

The Manaiakalani 10th Annual Film Festival

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Manaiakalani is the trust which allows 13 schools to learn using chrome books. Every year the Manaiakalani trust has a film festival. All 13 schools go to the movie theater throughout the day of the film festival. All the film festival movies are made from classrooms over 13 schools.

All the movies come from the 13 schools. Throughout the day there are many movie sessions. Some schools are in a session with other schools. The year 6,7 and 8's of Pt England school are going at 11:00. I am lucky enough to be a presenter for our English extension class. That was my first time presenting.

The Maniakalani trust has booked out three movie theaters. I was really nervous at first; after the first session, I was used to it. My friend who presented with me was Noah. We presented three times that day. Just last week we had a special film festival with our school. All the movies from Pt England School were shown to the whole school. Every presenter presented and every movie from Pt England was played. Noah and I were the twelve people to present. Everyone said they loved our movie.

Unfortunately, after lunch, I was called out of the film festival for a test. I missed out on my sister's presentation and movie. But that's alright because I can watch it on the Manaiakalani 2017 film festival site... and so can you! Back to the story, I passed my test by the way and missed out on all the other movies. Next year I won't be able to watch these videos in cinema. Because I'll be at college. I think this was the best Maniakalani festival. How about you? You can go to the site and way back to 2008 and that Manaiakalani.

2017 Manaiakalani Film Festival videos

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