Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Catching Flounder

WALT: Write a recount about current events.

Flounder, yum yum! Today Pt England's flounder team are catching flounder. Not to eat but to farm. We're farming flounder in partnership with Kauri Flat School.

Everyone from Pt England walked down Riverside Avenue; all because those flounders. We sang three Himene (Hymn) to bless the flounder team. Also we said one Karakia (prayer) to bless the day. They are still catching flounder right now!

We're so excited for the flounder to be farmed. Our flounder farming tank is ready to go. Kauri Flat School have already caught four flounder. I'm hoping the team will get more than four. It's not a competition... but I'm still hoping for more than four. Can't wait to see our farm grow! Also the flounder to grow too!

The container just came back with the flounder in it. Our class went out to see the flounder. Their really really small. We couldn't count them. One of the fish was not a flounder. I think they'll release that fish back into the water.

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