Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Highlights about Year five and Six Camp!

WALT:Organise my ideas into paragraphs and link them together.

You might of heard of year five and six camp last year? Well it happen again this year except the year six’s last year left to year seven and we are the year six’s this year. Last year I was in care bears and now I’m in Commitments and I am the girl leader with Judah (the boy leader). It was an awesome camp, especially that I was put into a tent with two of my best friends. They are Seini and Rima.  

About Camp
Year five and six camps has been going since 1991. So this was the twenty fifth year of year five and six camp. This camp requires camping in tents on our field, participating in fun and awesome activities and of course some of the best teachers helping with everything. This was our last year five and six camp so I did my best to make it the best year of camp. Let’s get started talking about what happen on the first day of camp. We all came to the hall with our day bags and sat in our lines. Our teachers gave us instructions about camp. The groups was called…   Honest Squad, Commitments, Matapono e, Ture Crew, Real Dealz and All Stars. All stars had to put in their togs for kayaking. We on the other hand were going to  baking first.

First Highlight
Baking was my first and favorite activity. I’m sure you have heard of baking so I don’t need to explain it. This was not a full group activity because the girls went to the kitchen and the boys went out onto the field to make things like s'mores. In the kitchen we had a piece of paper with the things we need on them. For example: The ingredients and what to do with the ingredients. The title of the piece of paper was ANZAC Biscuits. This was what were baking. We started baking and I was in the middle table with Rima and Seini. It was like people were in their tent groups but they were baking groups. The Ingredients sounded us on benches. It was time to start. Our group had filled up two trays and everyone ate half a ANZAC Biscuit each. I thought that was the one of the best activity.

Second Highlight
My second highlight setting was in a tent. It was the first night of camp and Seini, Rima and me lay in our sleeping bags. We were all nearly asleep until we heard a fart coming from my side of the tent and Seini said, “eww Talita”. I told her it was the tent next to us, they did it again and then she believe me but Rima was asleep so she didn’t know about it. In the morning about three o’clock, I did a fart then Seini but she was asleep and me and Rima were laughing because it sounded like a beat of a song. I thought it was one of highlights because how funny it was. If you didn’t think it was funny you should of been there and it be much more funny.

I thought this year’s year five and six camp was pretty good. There was one thing I wanted to change to make it true, it was our chant. Our chant went like “boom it’s hot in here it must be the commitments coming first this year”, but I think it should of went like,”boom it’s hot in here, it must be the commitments coming third this year”. It was the truth and it sounds better.

This week in writing we have been learning about how link paragraphs together. I think I have done this.This rubric was marked based on my introduction by Rima. I hoped you enjoyed!

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