Tuesday, 31 March 2015

School Picnic

WALT: Write a detailed recount without teachers help.
Pt England beach, Pt England School, all together on the perfect day! Do you think that this sounds like Friday the twenty seventh of March when Pt England School all went to Pt England beach just like last year? I don’t how many years we have been doing this. If you want to know how this awesome picnic went read on.

What Picnic is all about
The Pt England picnic happens each year at the beginning of the year. This event is when our whole school comes together and has a really fun picnic. This year we had our picnic on the twenty seventh of march. I thought it went well except for one girl who got a crab clawed to her foot. I felt very sad for her. Anyway, lets get on with this picnic shall we.

Pretend that today was the picnic and it was foggy. I did my job and went to class. When I got to class and it was time to go to assembly to find out to see if the picnic was still on because of the fog. Our principal announced that we were going to have a picnic! I was very happy and my Mum and Dad were parent helpers. We all went to the beach and our principal told us the boundaries for the day. Once he finished talking it was time to put our bags away and have fun!

Highlight of the day!
My highlight was right before a nasty little crab put his claws into a little girls foot. The highlight of the day included a crab clay and a man made rock. We first were playing with clay near the water's edge when suddenly, we saw the sand moving. Me and my friend Seini, found it and thought that we should take the crab to the rock water in the rock. So we took the crab over to the rock with some rubbish that we found. We slided the crab into the water and it crawled away. Right after that our principal talked into the microphone to say that team four is going swimming after the people next.

I think that this years picnic was better than last year. It was a pretty close to not having a picnic so I think we used it wisely. This years picnic will probably be one of the best school picnic I have had since I have been at Pt England.  
I have learnt to write a detailed recount with my teacher and I decided I should try to write a detailed recount by myself. I think I have done well. Comment do tell me how I went. I hoped you enjoyed!


  1. Well done Talita. I love that your description at the end. Your blog posts are looking great!


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