Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Immersion Assembly (Term Two)

WALT: Write a detailed introduction with hook and orientation.

Have you ever been handed food by a teacher, at assembly? During assembly this morning, if you were sitting up you could get food from teachers and prefects which they were making at the front of the stage. Read on to find out what else happened.

Have you ever walked into assembly and thought to yourself, am I dreaming because teachers are handing food out…  in assembly? This was what I was thinking when I walked into the hall for assembly. It was pretty weird but cool in the same way. Anyways, we waited for a while for our principal to speak.

When our principal started talking he was talking about how our topic was going to be involved in technology. By the way the topic for this term is Tinkering Tools and Toys. He also talked about how we are going to be having a lot of the letter T this term. The next thing that happened was the first team to perform, but I won’t tell you everything.

All of the teams perform and I thought that the best team performance was team three. Let me tell about their performance. Their performance started with three students (who were really teachers),on a couch, on a wet lunch and they were really bored. Out of nowhere came three minions (who were also teachers) that danced around the three kids and the song happy played while they danced around them. Once the minions danced around them four to six times, the three kids started making thing to play with. One of the kids made a paper plane. Another stacked little boxes on top of each other.The last one placed five long blocks on the ground. They all played with their toys and was happy again.

The assembly finished  and I thought it was a great but a bit weird. I ended up only eating a little sandwich. I really enjoyed the immersion assembly and looking forward to the next one. This term is going to be awesome!

This week in writing, we have been learning about writing a introduction with hook and orientation. One of our tasks was to mark somebody else introduction based on the rubric above. Venetia marked my introduction and I think that she marked my introduction with threes because it wasn't really really interesting, but it was interesting enough to get a three. I hoped you enjoyed this and make sure to keep visiting my blog!

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