Friday, 24 April 2015

ANZAC 100 Years

WALT: Understand the meaning of ANZAC.
When the soldiers left their family, the younger ones thought it was going to be fine and fun and they would come back alive. They were wrong because most of them died. Today on the twenty fourth of April 2015 we will rember them and what they did for us. Lest we forget.

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There were also woman in the war who were trained doctors and nurse's and took care of the men. I hope that they got most of the men because of what they did for us. As I said before I will say it again, Lest we forget.
This week in writing we have learnt about ANZAC and why they died and went to war for us. Now I know I will spread the word to people who do not understand the meaning of ANZAC. I hope you visit the link below.

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