Thursday, 11 December 2014

Application to be an Ambassador in 2015


This year I have boosted my learning in lots of different ways.  I have created movies and blog posts better than I’ve ever done before, and of course, shared them on my blog as well my class blog.  I have learnt new ways to do maths, writing and reading as well as PE and sports.


In maths, I have learnt my basic facts properly which has helped a lot with the more difficult topics.  In writing, I have learnt to have four or five sentences in one paragraph - as well as the structure of a whole piece of writing.  Starting each sentence with a different beginning makes the writing more interesting for the reader.  Reading has always been a favourite subject of mine.  But my favourite class this year has been extension.  I love the creative way that we learn new things.


Creating DLO’s (Digital Learning Objective’s) has been a fun way to do work, not like other schools who don’t have the opportunity to learn with Chromebooks.  If you have a look through my blog, you will find some DLO’s that I have helped create this year.  I also took part in our class movie this year which played on the big screen at Sylvia Park Hoyts Cinema - which was so much fun!  I’ve been a presenter for PENN (our school’s TV station) - for the morning news report and learnt new ways of speaking and presenting in front of a camera, as well as increased my confidence - (pretty cool, since one day, I would love to be a TV presenter).


Next year, I would love to increase my learning even more and so I am applying to be an Ambassador for my school.  Here is a whole lot of learning squeezed into one movie that is my application movie to be an Ambassador.  I hope you like it - it was lots of fun to make.

Talita's Ambassdor from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.

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