Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Holiday Blog Post

Sorry this is late. I will be doing these thought the Holidays. 
Here was  my first day (of the Holidays)!

First Day of Holidays

 My holiday started when we finished school and I came home to afternoon tea. Now you are probably wondering what I had, but I'm sorry because I don't remember what I had. Lets not go on about the rest of the evening. Well I'm just going to say that we started watching a movie. The movie finished and it was around ten o'clock (10:00) at night. I have one little sister who played with me well the rest of our family watched something. When me and my sister was playing, I though it probably time to go to sleep. She tried to say that it wasn't time to go to sleep but I told her that she had too. Eventually we both fell asleep.

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