Friday, 5 December 2014

Jesus is Born

This story starts off with…  a young woman named Mary. Mary met a man called Joseph and married him. One night an angel appeared in Mary’s room and said “Mary you are going to have a baby and the baby is going to be the son of God”. When she heard this message she leaf to go and tell Joseph. That night Joseph an angel appeared but in his dream. He said the same thing that he said to Mary.

Baby Son
Before Jesus was born, Mary and Joseph had been told that they had to go to Bethlehem for Jesus to be born. When they came to Bethlehem lots of people were visiting and it was hard to find an inn to stay in. After lots of times trying to find an inn, they came to an inn and a the man said in a grumpy voice, “I only have a stable to stay in”. The couple were fine with a stable even though animals were in the stable was fill with animals.

Jesus’ Stable
After Jesus was born Shepherds from far away heard the news and not by just any body, they heard from three angels. The three angels spoke to the three Shepherds and said, “The son of God is born and you all must go to him”. Far away three wise men saw a star, and thought that it meant something because it didn’t look like any star it looked special. They followed the sar and it led to baby Jesus. When the wise men arrived, they came with Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh. That wonderful night will never be forgotten, ever!

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