Friday, 17 June 2016

Wood and Nail Art-Week 7

WAATS: (We Are At The Stage) Of nailing nails on the waka stencil.

This is what are waka is looking like right now. We have already done our letters for how waka's name (Hikianalia). Next week we will be getting our wool, onto our waka nails. The Letters of Hikianalia was tricky to fill in with wool. We started two weeks ago and in those weeks we have got this done. Everyone who is in the house of Hikianalia (including me) worked on getting to this point of finishing. 

This is not the only project going on in this class. There is a waka being built. It is being built by the waka crew. The waka crew is a some people from wood and nail art who choose to be in the waka crew to built the waka.

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  1. Talita,have you already started the word for the hikianalia?


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