Friday, 2 June 2017

Netball Break

WALT: Write a recount about a current event.

The only sport that I play in the winter is netball. I play Netball on Tuesday evenings. All games are held at the AMI netball courts. My first game for this season was held on week two of school. For the first time since year five I played center. It took me a while to refresh my memory but I got there in the end.
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When the umpire came to get the captain, I was chosen. I played gang gang gamore with the other captain to decide whose goal is whose. When we had finished, I realized that I had to pick out of ball or goal. A few seconds later I responded with ‘ball’. My coach was very happy with that response.

A whistle was blew and we played. We won that game by 10 points. The end score was 18 to 8. Our next game was a draw. In these two games I’d been in the B team. The coach of the A team was watching the second game. She was looking for somebody to join her team. I took that position and played the next week.

I was dropped off a bit too early and couldn’t see my team. It took a few minutes before I found them. We had a few warm up activities before it was time. Two years ago I spent one game in the A team before I broke my leg. Because of that I was very nervous.
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It was two minutes into the game and I felt like I needed to work harder. I went in for an intercept, walked backwards trip on a girls foot. Still trying to get the intercept, I twisted my leg and smashed my leg on the court. Pain was making me cry all the way to the aid room.

So the conclusion to this is that I broke my leg and I love netball! I have to wait a month until I can play again but I just can’t wait. It’s been a week and three days but I still remember it like it was yesterday.

This week I in writing I wanted to write something that's been happening in my life. I thought about all the possibilities and I thought this was the best. I really think that netball's a great sport. If you haven't already... try it! Unless your like me and have to wait a bit.

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