Friday, 7 March 2014

Life Cycle of a Frog

Hi there  have you ever learned or heard about the life cycle of a frog? Well if you have or you haven't you’ve come to the right place to read.  I’m going start off with telling you about how the life cycle. Which starts off with the egg then grows into a little frog that is called a froglet. After that it grows more than becomes an  Adult frog. Okay if its getting a bit boring or if you're liking it keep on reading it  because we’re just begun.

The frog starts off with lots and lots of little egg with sticky jelly between the eggs which is called a spawn. Well they live their life inside its little shell some eggs died not like some of us. I hear you say how or I know where this is going ,well some of their predators bite into the shell and when the egg hatches it dies.

Once the egg hatches its a  cute little tadpole. The tadpole haves gills to breath oxygen and a  tail. Soon enough it will be a froglet or a little frog. The tadpole’s gill and half of its tail will disappear when it turns into a froglet.

The froglet is the second to last part of the show so go and get or if you don’t need stay here for the froglet stage. The first thing that the froglet would do is get out of the water with its little tail and a few days later its gills will disappear so does its tail. They will hide under rocks and leaves so predators won’t  eat them.

It comes to the final stage of Talita’s show when the froglet turn into an adult frog. As the years go by the froglet keeps on growing and growing until it grows into an adult frog. When it does the tail disappear and the frog goes off to hunt and find a boyfriend or a girlfriend. After all of that stuff they have eggs.     

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