Friday, 12 September 2014

Use my Brain, Use my Heart I’m going to be Cybersmart

Use my Brain, Use my Heart I’m going to be Cybersmart
You properly  haven’t unless you come to Pt England School. In case you haven't this text will show what it means bit by bit.

Use my Brain
You must be wondering, “What does use my brain mean”. Well this paragraph will show you the answer. I need my brain to do the right things on my chromebook.  For example; Staying on the right things like reading, writing and maths worksheets.

Use my Heart
Can I hear you saying what does, “use  my heart” have to do this phrase. I use my heart by doing the right thing. For example; Send a nice email to someone or a apologize email. We need our heart because it controls my emotions.

One of the reasons we need to be cybersmart because when we are older we will be cybersmart.  We need to be cybersmart even when our friends or somebody puts pure pressure. Well remember to Use my Brain, Use my Heart you’re going to be Cybersmart. Thanks for reading my writing.

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