Wednesday, 3 September 2014

What is Culture

Culture’s are what make countries unique. Each country has different cultural activities and cultural rituals. Culture is seen in people writing, religion, music, clothes,cooking and what they do.

Culture also includes the way people understand the world and their own lives. Different countries have different culture’s. For example, some older Japanese people wear kimono’s, arrange flowers in vases and have tea ceremonies.          

My family comes from two places, one from place is from Samoa so I’m half Samoan. In Samoa we do a lot of dancing,eating and those sort of things. I have only been to Samoa once but I want to go again, because it was really,really fun.    

The other place where I come from is New Zealand, which means that I am half Pakeha not half Maori. In this culture it's pretty much normal culture that most people in New Zealand is. L                

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