Friday, 28 November 2014

Auckland Art Gallery Trip

Year 5 trip to Auckland Art Gallery
Famous art work, year 5’s, Lego?  Did you guess what I'm writing about. Well you probably did because it has a  title. It all started on Friday the twenty first of November…  If you want to find out more you should read Friday day, which is this whole text.

Session One
Our first session was a gallery tour, which was my second favourite session. The gallery tour is when we went to two different rooms with our tour guide, Linda. We first went into the room with painting from the Victorian Era. When we went inside she asked us if we knew what the story was from the painting was about. None of us got the story, so then she told us. In the second room we did the same thing that we did in the first room expect we made it up. Linda taught us how to make different sorts of sounds. After we had finished session one we had our morning tea.

Session Two

All of a sudden Many, (one of the people who work there) came and showed us to a Studio, which looked like a class to me. When she showed us the room, she said,”when you get inside sit on a chair and start cutting the jar out”. So we cut the jar out. After we had finished cutting the jar out, we had to draw a story that happen in our lives by drawing. We had to use no words in our picture. None of us finished so our teacher took our jars to school and do it there. As soon as Mandy said line up we all sprinted to be the first one there. Just so you know, I was not the first one there. Once we had that session over, it was lunch time.

Session Three
Finally, the session that I have been waiting for. Free choice session…  but, the parents free choice. Parents had to pick out the learning area or center, Lego building and top floor. Our group went to the learning center and we had a lot of fun there. The thing that I thought we wouldn't do but did was…  top floor!
On the top floor we went with more people that were not in our group and there was a light show that we went to. When we went inside it was dark and we were all scared except for…  my Dad. We all were holding him tightly especially the boys, until…  we saw stars and walk to them but fell right onto the bean bag. After we had finished that chaos, we held onto my Dad and walked to the next room. We had to walk through a corridor that was dark, but we made to the next room. We danced in front of the video and realized that somebody was watching, so we ran out of the room because we were embarrass. With our extended group, we took off outside to a little playground. Once we had got tired, we thought we could go back. On our way back, we saw another class. When we came back from the top floor another group left to go there well we had our Lego building rotation.

I would there again but no in the bus with lots of noise. If you want to go there and try to prove me wrong, go ahead. Leave a comment if I did anything wrong…  which I probably didn't.


  1. I love your writing Talita. It's very entertaining and educational at the same time.
    Love Mum


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