Sunday, 9 November 2014

Week 4 Blog Post

Did you know that in 2014 (this year) we lit our fireworks on the same night as Britain? If you guest that I'm writing about fireworks you are right. On this day there was lots and lots of fireworks. Some frighted me, some I thought were pretty, some that I wanted to see but nobody did them and some we didn't get but I thought look awesome. Our family did our fireworks twice cause we had a lot. We did our fireworks on Wednesday and Saturday. On Wednesday we had 24 sparkles and on Saturday we had 32 sparkles. Even though we didn't have cascades, my favourite was cascades, it looks a bit like this.

If you think that I did anything wrong or there's anything else you want to tell me leave a comment telling me anything.

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  1. Hi Talita, I loved reading about your fireworks andI thought it was a great idea to spread them out over two nights so you twice as much pleasure. We have not let ours off yet because our dog is very frightened of fireworks. .

    Mrs Burt


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