Friday, 26 June 2015

Super Mario Explaining!

WALT: Write effective paragraphs.

Super Mario World is a game that is available on your Chromebook, Laptop, Playstation and other digital forms. It is a side scroller game so the screen scrolls past when you move with the keys or controllers. The game Super Mario World is very popular, in fact if I had to ask anyone that is an adult or a child that is year four and higher, they would know right away because it is that popular.

The aim of the game is to dodge the enemies, collect the star, go though all of the levels. There is an option, of jumping on the enemies to make them disappear, you can collect a mushroom that make Super Mario bigger, because he starts in a small version at the beginning of each level. On Chromebooks and Laptops, there are normally ten levels or less that you need to complete. But for the other digital forms like Playstation, Xbox and Nintendo, the levels are harder and longer but still probably have ten levels.

If you are playing on a Laptop, Chromebook, Netbook the controls would be on the keyboard, up, down, right and left. But if you are playing on something like a Xbox or a Playstation, the controls for the game are your controller that comes with what you are playing with. On your controller or key, it is a bit easier if you hover your hand on the P, just in case you need to press it or if you are with the enemies and need to pause. When you make the enemies disappear, you have to jump on them and if you miss then you disappear and start the level again.  

I think that the game Super Mario World is very funny for me because I normally disappearing because of the enemies and keep starting the level over and over again. Sometimes it does get very boring and annoying so I get off the game and do something else for a while. The good news is that I have been playing the game for three days (not the whole day) and now I am at level five and trying to get onto level six, I hope I get to level six!
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In Writing this week, we did a writing session and we sat and wrote in silence. I thought that it was very good writing session. We all were on task and every body got their writing done. After each paragraph, we had a look at somebody's and made it a better paragraph. I think that every body in our class has a great piece of writing!

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