Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Super Power Writing!

WALT:  Write effective paragraphs using juicy and exciting words.

Flying, flying, flying…  if I had a superpower it would be flying. One of the reasons why flying would be my top pick for super powers is so that, I can hover and get around big spaces like my class room and house because I have a broken leg. Flying would also be helpful for going to places with my family like to a playground or some place like that.

If I could possess this power and I could control it, for example, if I wanted to go super sonic speed,  I could go supersonic speed and if I want to go snail slow I could go snail slow. Flying would also be very helpful for flying to school and other places like that. I could save people on the road like a little kids who cross the road. Flying would probably feel like a dog sticking it’s head out the window of a car with all the breeze coming into it’s face. It would be very nice to because when my family fly to another country, I can fly right next to them.    

Rubric Marked By: Heather

If I had powers I would do all these things but mostly save people on the road, on mountains planes and helicopters. I would save people who have had an accident in planes, helicopters and people who climb up mountains. I would do all these things in a blink and I could be the superhero and I would fly for fun and see if anyone is in trouble from a bird’s eye view which would be awesome.  

I think having these powers would be helpful for lots of things, but mostly the ones I have already mentioned. I also think that if some people had this power, they could make it into a sport and I would win it. When I think of this super power I don’t just think of all the superheroes who can fly, I think about all the things it would be useful for and how it could save people’s  lives.

In Writing this week we have been learning about putting juicy words in our writing. Our task was to write effect paragraphs and focus on each paragraph at a time in our time limit. We got into groups of two and marked each others second paragraph based on the rubric. I think our writing lessons last week and this week have been going well. The reason why is because we did our writing lesson in silence with a time limit which was very good for me and probably others to.

I have learnt that when writing effect paragraphs, it is better if you do it in silence. I have learnt a few new words from heather my partner. I have also learn that you can not get very good pictures on goggle.

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