Tuesday, 21 July 2015

If I had a Million Dollars at the Mall

WALT: Write effective paragraphs using juicy and exciting words.

A million dollars is a lot of money for the mall. So I would have to spend it wisely but still have fun! It would take me a while to go shopping because when it comes to shopping and money, I am not so good unless I have a list, which I do.

If had my million dollars and I had to go to toy world to spend it, there would be a list of things I would buy. I would buy loads of nerf guns so that I can have a nerf war with my sisters, brother and cousins. Another toy that I would buy, is the red hover toy, the reason why I would get this toy is so I can have something to do outside. My top fifth toy that I want, would be a big stuffed fluffy toy, I would get this because I have always wanted a big stuffed toy and I don’t know why.

If had my million dollars and I had to spend it at footlocker, I would buy shoes of course. The shoes that I would like are running shoes that are either light blue, light gray with darker blue outsides and black shoes with a white tick. The reason why I would like to have these shoes is because it would be fantastic to have fancy sports shoes and sports shoes are one of the only shoes I wear. Another sort of shoes I would get is long lasting jandals and sandals. The reason why I would like jandals and sandals, is so that I can have something to wear in summer because most of my old pairs did not last for a long time.

Supposing that I had my million dollars and the place I had to spend it at is the food court in this mall. I would get a milkshake and some fish and chip, I would get these two foods because I have test tasted them before and loved them both. If they all ran out, my second choice would be butter chicken or sushi. The reason why I would pick these two kinds of foods, is because they are two foods that are on my top ten of my favourite foods.

If I really did have a million dollars and I had to spend my money at JB Hifi, there is a few things on my list I would get. My first and second things I would get is a tablet and a phone. Reasons why I would get these two things are because, I need a phone for when I get lost or if I go somewhere and need to keep in touch and tablets are awesome and I can play games, message people and other things to, just like on phones. Other things that I would get are movies, a laptop, long lasting earphones and headphones. I would get these things so I can watch movies with only me, myself and I. When inside out comes out on DVD, I can buy it and watch it with me and me only.

A phone and all would be awesome, however I need to think to myself, am I being responsible or am I just being silly. If I really had a million dollars, I would buy the groceries and pay the bills for my family. One other thing that I would do is to give some money to some charities. I would also catch a plane to different countries that are suffering, and give some food, water, clothes and other things that they need.

In Writing this week we had to write if we had a million dollars at the mall, we had to think selfish. I have learnt how to improve my writing. For example; 'I walked to the shop so happy', I can change this sentence to something way better. 'I skipped down the road to go to the shop, I was very happy then'. As you can see, I have made this better by putting more interesting words in and putting in more words.

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