Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Kawau Island (year six camp)

WALT: summarise a week long experience into a recount.

This journey all started with a paper slip, pretty boring right. From then on out it got better with excitement , with worries and with cheerfulness. It probably sounds dumb but I am sure that you will soon find it interesting.

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Yes yes yes, the story may start with a paper slip. The reason why is because this was a school camp. Since it starts with paper slip lets skip a few days later. Our first camp meeting we learnt our group names and the other people in our group. I was a leader for a group called Benson! I was in Benson A and in each group there is two leaders, a boy and a girl, and my other leader never showed up to any meetings and I was worried.

Image result for kawau islandEveryone was excited but me, I was worried. Worried that the other leader was not coming and I had to lead by myself. It was camp day and he still was not there, but a few minutes later he came and I was glad. Group by group was sent to pack the bus. Before we knew it, everyone was saying goodbye we were on the buses (two). The sadness started.

One hour in the bus with my friend, passed and we were at Sandspit. At Sandspit we packed ourselves on to the ferry. The small journey on the ferry passed and we arrived at Kawau Island, Camp Benson, the place where I was staying for four days and three nights. The first day we just packed everything and went on a hike. On the hike my leg started to hurt so I sang a song it went like this. ( “We’re going on a hike, (clap clap) we’re going on a hike (clap clap) we’re going on a hike (clap clap), to the pile of rocks(clap clap), you discourage me (pointing at a tree while, clap clap), but i’m encouraged by my feet,( clap clap), you discourage me (pointing at a tree while, clap clap), but i’m encouraged by my feet,( clap clap)” ). After that I just repeated it.

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Our first activity was sailing and I enjoyed just except that Htet htet my partner did not know what to do so we had to swap and then it was fine and we got to our teacher three times. It all  turned out great except that somebody in our group fell in the water six times. The next day on our third rotation, we had kayaking. We had a little paddle to somewhere and somebody fell over straight away. Well coming back from our destination Htet htet was singing this, “you change your mind like a girl changing clothes”. She kept singing the wrong words so all the teachers splashed her until she got the words right.

Overall I am glad that I had a great time, but I am also sad because it is all over. This is the best I have gone to and maybe, just maybe it might be the best camp I will ever go to. I hope you can enjoy what I enjoyed through this piece of writing.

This week I learnt that when you have been to a camp or sort of special or important things it is good to write about it. this is good because when you are older you can look back on this and think about it and rember. Remember the great time that I had . I hope you can do something like this.

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