Sunday, 13 December 2015

Time in extension

WALT: Write a story about your time in extension this year. 

It has been the second year of extension for me and I have learnt lots. There was also a lot of places we visited or they visited us. I have had a great time in extension and I hope that next year I can a great time to.

My highlight from this year was probably the forty hour famine sleepover. It was really fun and it was cool to spend time with my friends at night and sort of the evening. One of the things that was sad about the sleepover is that my sister could not come because she did something to her foot and she did the famine at home instead.

Some things in the year I did to get to attend because I was at sports. I hope to get to see something similar to that in the future. One thing that I missed recently is the Bee presentation and it looked really cool. It could've been my highlight but it wasn’t.

Next year I hope to be in extension and opportunities like this next year. I will take them and enjoy them. At prize-giving on Thursday I was awarded third place for academic in year six so I think I might just might get to extension next year. My rating for this year is a eight out of ten. I really enjoyed it!  

I have had a great time thinking about all the things this year in extension. I also had a great time writing and having those experience. I would loved to be in extension next year.  

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  1. Dear Talita
    Audrey and Svenia from France and myself from Wellington visited last week and really benefited from hearing about your use of technology at school. We also loved the briefing about your school community that you and your fellow Ambassadors provided.
    All the best with achieving your goals next year and for having a fantastic 2016.
    Warm regards
    Adele Bryant
    Education New Zealand


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