Thursday, 1 December 2016

Edwards Tree

WALT: Use the following image to write a narrative.
Remember to use TOPS: 
Title, Orientation, Problem and Solution.
“Papa!” Anna searched, “Papa where are you”. Anna’s grandfather (Edward) poked his head around the corner. “Over here with your father” he answered. They had been figuring out costs for Anna’s education. Anna walked over to the kitchen and sat down next to her dad. “How was school?” asked Anna’s dad. She shrugged her shoulders as if she didn’t know. Edward changed the subject, “We haven’t had afternoon tea yet”. “I think we should have it under the tree” he suggested. Anna and James (her dad) agreed.

Image result for interesting picturesThey all brought snacks out to the backdoor. All three of them sat down under the tree. That was usually where they sat for their talks. James, Edward and Anna talked for hours. Edward slowly stood up and clicked his back. “Wow Dad, you can still click your back” said James. Seconds later Edward fell to the ground. Anna and James tried to get him up but he was gone. James called the ambulance but it was to late. Edward had no pulse.

His funeral was over. Anna and James needed to think about where to bury him. They had a good idea where to bury him. During the burying, Anna looked up at the special tree. She fell to her knees and start pouring her eyes out. Anna turned to her dad, “can we call the tree Edward?”. He looked down to Anna and nodded his head. From then on out, that was known as the Edward tree.
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A few weeks later, Anna went to the mail-box to collect the mail. James grabbed one of the letters and opened it. James told Anna to sit down; “sweetie, we’re broke”. She immediately ran outside to the Edward tree. He followed her to the tree. “What do you mean we’re broke?” she asked. “We have no money” he said. They both knew that meant no food, no house and no Edward tree. “Can we shape the tree into papa’s head so we can remember him?”. Of course, his answer was yes.

For the next three weeks they spent cutting the edges of the tree. At the end of the third week, they had finished. The house was still on sale. A few days Anna went to get the mail. She handed the letter with her father’s name on it. He slid his nail through the letter and opened it. It had a million dollars in it. The house was saved from selling!

Our task was to write a narrative with the picture at the top.We had 5 min to brainstorm/plan and 35 min to write. In that time, I got to finish this. This piece of writing was a practise test. Since it was a practise test, we had to remember everything we had learnt through the year. Here is my planning:
T: Edward’s Tree
O 1st Paragraph : Anna and her dad James love this tree on their property. When they are together, they sit under the tree and talk.
P 2nd Paragraph: James is broke and can’t afford the house anymore. Both James and Anna cut the edges off the tree. The tree is then shaped into the head of James’ dad and Anna’s Grampa.
S 3rd Paragraph :  A stranger gave James a million dollars as an act of kindness.
I hope you enjoyed my writing.

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