Thursday, 8 December 2016

If I were Prime Minister...

WALT: Update our self's in current events.

On Monday, John Key resigned from New Zealand Prime Minister. He felt it was time to go. He spent 10 years in parliament and 8 years as the leader of the National Party. He said, “a good leader knows when to step down”. The responsibilities of a Prime minister, is to… go to all the parliament meetings, run the country, making laws for the country, taking care of our big problems and loads more. We thank him for his efforts, but the TPPA I just don’t like. TPPA stands for
Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement.

Even though I twelve, I still have a thought about money and what it means to the world. To me, money is nothing; to other people, money is everything. I would say education is much more important than money. There are probably people in New Zealand who are smart enough to have a career but don’t because of money. Yes there are scholarships, but some still require money. Money that people can’t pay because their jobs don’t pay. If I ever become Prime Minister.

If I were Prime Minister, I would care more about the rivers, homeless and work on what people are getting compared to what other people are getting. I don’t think I would do the right math to figure out comparing of job payments. Since I’m only twelve, I don’t think I’ll do well on getting all the knowledge in my head.

The task for this week was to write about being prime minster. We wrote about problems we would change, laws we don't like and things like that. My main problem is in the second paragraph. I thought about because I wrote this at school. Some problems New Zealand face are hard but the views and landscape are amazing.

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