Friday, 25 July 2014

My Term 2 Holiday Highlight

My Holiday Highlight
My holiday highlight was all about waking up really early in the morning and going to the garage at my Aunty's house for an something every day for the first week.  If you guessed art course you're right, but you probably didn't though. Did I just you want to hear more, well it all started…     So my Dad,sister,brother and other family members went to Samoa so we had to say goodbye at the airport.Of course we did. After we went  to see them off we went to Carl’s Junior for dinner with my two other sister’s and my Mum. The next day we went to my Aunty’s house with no stops for food or anything but luckily my Mum brought food.

Once we got there we had dinner and went to bed. Well I was in bed I was thinking about waking early to have my breakfast and that’s what happened. But then the doorbell started to ring. It was the people from the art course and I had to meet everyone and it was hard trying to meet 14 people. The next day one more person came and I had to meet him to. After the morning art
course with the people over the age of 8 the afternoon kids came. But they were the age of 8 years old or younger. I had to help my Aunty do the little kids art course. It was sort of fun but really loud. Third day of the art course I meet a friend who always sat next to me. She was really friendly and nice.

I had the best time at the art course. My highlight of my holiday highlight was at the end of the art course we had an expression to show our work to our parents. It would be funny if my cousins, went because their Mum knew everything about what they were doing.

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