Saturday, 14 February 2015

Holiday Highlight

WALT: Follow the structure of a recount to write about a Holiday Highlight
Holiday Highlight
Barbecue, lots of beaches, water holes and the perfect summertime place to stay in my opinion. Can you guess where is the place where I went for the Holidays?  If you guessed Tairua you are correct.

How we went
My family had been wanting to go on a trip somewhere that is not home. My Mum knew some people when she was in Samoa, knew where they lived. She arranged for us to come for the Auckland Anniversary weekend.

I’m going to skip a few days when we arrived at Tairua in our car. We were very excited to see the family that we were staying with. Everyone unpacked the car and my brother, sister and me blew up the air beds. When we were done we heard we that we were going to do something fun.

First Day
The Dad of the family took us for a walk on Ocean Beach while my Mum and their Mum of their family, cooked some dinner on the barbecue. While we were looking at Ocean Beach, we saw somebody get pushed over by the huge waves. We recognized them and realized that it was my brother. A few minutes later we started our walk that I thought was on the beach but turned out to be a three hour walk around a mountain. We started walking to a bench then looked at the beautiful view. We keep walking for another hour or so, and reached the road. We finished an hour later and came back to their home. My family and their had dinner which was very delicious. After dinner we went to bed and had a good night sleep in our tents.

Second Day
When we woke up from our great sleep in our tent, we went into the house and had breakfast. I’m going to skip a few hours and move on to noon. We got ready to go to a water hole then to a beach called sailors grave. First we went to the water hole which had eels but we only saw one that was huge. My sister used some goggles, she looked under a rock and said that she saw a pair of eyes and thought that it was a crocodile. We left a minutes after she saw that and went to sailors grave. At sailors grave there were very big waves compared to Auckland’s waves. We spent thirty minutes there and went because it was dinner time. Once we had dinner we went to sleep.

Leaving Tairua
When we woke up, we had breakfast and got ready to go to jump off the bridge down the road. We spent twenty minutes jumping off the bridge. That was the last fun thing that we did in Tairua. From then we justed packed, got into the car, said goodbye and left to come back home.

In reading this week we have been focussing on recount. But I have been focussing on recount and getting out os the holidays. I think I have mostly been focussing on recounts. I hoped that you enjoyed my recount! 

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