Wednesday, 18 February 2015

The Power of Rubbish

WALT: Look beyond the text

Landfill is a place where rubbish is dumped. This comes from some peoples waste. There is a gas called methane and it can be used for fuel and electricity. Methane goes into the ground and rubbish, it can be very dangerous. When this the methane is in the ground, bores are drilled into the ground and they are pumped up and tested for quality and quantity. If the gas is good and it is the right amount, it will be reuse for fuel or electricity.

Do you know any landfills where you can dump. Well I know two places where you can dump. They are both in Papakura but are on Boundary Road and Inlet Road Takanini. In these places you have to pay to dump like every other landfill. I do not know how much it is to pay in these places, but I'm estimating that you have to call them for the cost. In landfills dumping depends on how much you dump.

I think it's a good idea to use landfills to make methane gas. I think this because you can reuse it instead of leaving it to waste. If this is left to waste it will effect the environment and the people in it.
This week in reading we have been learning about looking beyond the text. I think I have achieved this goal. You can comment if I have or have not. I hoped you enjoyed!


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