Thursday, 22 October 2015

Our School Production-Reflection

On the twenty second to the twenty fourth of September, our school had a production. The Production was about Cindy who meets a boy named Josh. It was a production about Cinderella but Pt England style though. I was in the production, sadly nothing important but still in it. Even though I was nothing important, I still enjoy being a dancer.

Since I was a dancer, I was in three dances. I really hope I can be in the next production. Before the Production was seen by an audience, we had to practise hard every week. The first real audience we performed to two whole schools, a bit of another school and other people who do extra things for us in our school. We performed for them at twelve o’clock on the twenty first of September.

On the first night of the production, I was really scared to perform in front of my family. I just acted like my sister who was the main act (Cindy)  and pretended that I wasn’t scared. When I went onto the stage I was not that nervous. All I was thinking about was what I would do in the holidays and how I could make it fun for myself. I am pretty sure that I looked good from a view in the audience.

On the twenty first, twenty second, twenty third, twenty fourth and twenty fifth our school produced a production about Cindy. The whole title is Cindy In Da House, the production was about a story based on Cinderella but a bit different. On the twenty first, the matinee was shown to three other schools other than Pt England School and two preschools.

The three other days it was shown at night at seven o’clock. On the twenty fifth, the production was performed to the whole school who was there. It was not as good as the night productions and the matinee.

Because it was performed four times, that meant a lot of practice for the people in the production. Lots of people said it was great so the people in the production didn’t practise for nothing. Cindy In The House was awesome from my point of view, but I don’t know about the next production. If I were to give a rating a would give it a big 4/5.

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