Tuesday, 18 August 2015

New Cadbury Gem

WALT: Use language that paints a picture in the mind of our reader.

The new Cadbury Jaffa’s Chocolate is a win win in my book of chocolate.

Image result for cadbury jaffas chocolate "king size" "king size" "king size" "king size"The Cadbury Jaffa’s Chocolate is a basic milk chocolate with Jaffa's inside. It’s the shape of a  square like a normal chocolate. Cadbury Jaffa’s Chocolate king size is $3.50 at the supermarket.

When I first saw the Jaffa’s Chocolate, I thought it was going to have to much orange in it and it was bumpy so I thought it was going to be to crunchy. But it only had a pinch of orange in it and the bumpiness made no difference but it was a tiny bit crunchy . The taste of the chocolate was semi-sweet and perfect, so it was too rich and not too bitter. The chocolate smelt like the Cadbury milk chocolate and it felt like every other chocolate because of the shape. The Cadbury Jaffa’s Chocolate is in my top five of Chocolate’ s, so in my opinion it is delicious!
I think they could improve by cutting the Jaffa’s into smaller pieces and then putting it into the chocolate.  It would make it easier to eat it and easier to store in little containers. Except from that, I think that it is great the way it is.

I recommend the new Cadbury Jaffa’s Chocolate because it taste, smells, looks great. So if you think milk chocolate and orange together makes a great mix, this is the chocolate for you. If you do think that or do not think that, I think that you should still taste it.

In Writing this week, I have learnt about and how to paint a picture in the readers head. I have learnt different ways to say things. For example: I went to the shop and bought bread. I could change this a lot, I walked down to the shop (not in a hurry) to buy some fresh wheat meal bread. As you can see I have given you more information and changed it up a little bit. If you could image a person walking to the shop, then I have reached my goal. But if yiu did not, I have not reached my goal.

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