Monday, 3 August 2015

PT's and Pieces

WALT: Write two paragraphs about PT's and Pieces.

This term our topic is trade and enterprise. So in team four, we have our own money that we can earn and spend. Instead of cent, we have pieces and instead of dollars, we have Pt's. We can earn pieces and Pt's by sitting up in class, cleaning up, doing jobs, coming to school and by lots of other things too. Everybody has a bank account (kids one) of their own where they keep there money of course. There are lots of ways we can spend our money, we could hire a bean bag or something else, we can also buy things at the auction that we have most weeks. We can also get a fine for either 3 PT's or 5 PT's. For example; you can get a fine for not being at school, not giving the right amount of money in the auction, standing up at eating time when a teacher has not said anything and loads more.

We also have six business's that we are all in. There is Toys, Kitchen, Custom Stationary, Homeware, Jewels and Accessory's and Musical Instruments. In these business's we have projects that we work on and then we can sell it at the market where everybody in our team can buy it. We have a teacher and a group of students in each business. Our team also have partners of two or three in those business's who make the projects. My project that I am working on is squishy balls made from balloons and flour.

It is only the start of the term and this has been really cool. So when we get into the middle of the term I might even have more than my goal. I wonder how much money I will have at the end of the term. Well until then, I should focus on my project. 

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