Wednesday, 27 May 2015

20 Hour Famine 2015!


On Friday last week on the twenty second of may, I started the 20 hour famine with the extension group. The extension group of 2015, did the 20 hour famine. We all did the challenge with no food for 20 hours. We had a sleep over so we can do the 20 hour famine with some one and have fun instead of thinking of food.

I think it is a great thing that we did this because we can help the people in Bangladesh and collect money for them so they can live the same way we do instead of them living on the edge of the road. To help the people in the world who have nothing and sleep nowhere near where we sleep. If you can, try and help the people all around the world who don't have what we do.

Well I was doing the 20 hour famine, I was really thinking how much I am doing and how much other people are doing the 40 or 20 hour famine. We were doing this for the people who don't have much and need money. We are getting the money and giving it to them so they can eat healthy and live like us. When I was doing the 20 hour famine, I also was thinking about how I could help a whole family eat. I think it's not fair that they do not get the options that we have and not just for food. That's why I joined the 20 hour famine for this year. I have raised money for family or family's in Bangladesh and I felt like I need to do this next year to raise money for the people who are suffering.

In extension, most of us did the 20 hour famine. We had a sleepover to think about what we were doing. Hope you enjoyed.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this with us Talita! This is definitely a good cause. Did you find it hard not eating for 20hours? What did you all do at the sleepover?


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