Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Two Pigs are Murdered and One little Pigs Survives

WALT:Write a news style report.
By Talita V

Three little pigs who recently have left their mothers home have been viciously attacked in their own homes. Two have had their homes destroyed as well as been killed by a wolf. The last pig survived the attack without being injured.  

One of the little pigs who have been killed, build his home with straw and the wolf was able to blow his home down as well as to eat him. The other little pig who were killed by the wolf, built his home out of wood sticks and the wolf was able to blow down his home and eat him. These two pigs were found dead by their destroyed homes.

The last pig who survived was smart and built his home out of bricks just like his Mothers home. He tricked the wolf and killed the wolf instead of the wolf killing him. He did this without getting hurt or injured. He was the smartest and we had a talk with him. Here it is and his Mama pig.

The last pig
What was your reaction when you found out about your brothers loss? I was very upset and went to see my Mama pig to tell her and she was very upset and said to me”you have to live with me now” so now I am living with her in case there is another wolf to attack me. 
Were you worried about the wolf when he came to your home? I had a little butterflies in my tummy (but I think that was something else) because I saw that my brothers homes were knocked down ,but I knew that the wolf wouldn't blow down my because it was strong and I knew I could trick him.
page 2 Were you sad when you and your brothers left your Mama Pig? I am now but I did go back to my Mama pig but I am very upset that I could not bring back my brothers with me.

Mama Pig
What was your reaction when you found out about your son’s loss? I was very upset and every day I think of them and now it is a very sad day every day because of the wolf that nearly killed me and killed my son's.
What is your house made out of? It is made out of bricks just like my son’s home that he is going to live in when I say so, it is made out of bricks because of the wolf when he nearly killed me. The wolf did blow down my first home made of straw and the second home that was made out of wood sticks and then I made this home for my son's.

This week in writing, we have been learning about a lot about writing reports. Comment to tell me how my one was. Hope you enjoyed!

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