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Pt England Students are Getting Ready for the Coldest Season!

WALT: Write a news style report.

Pt England Students are Getting Ready for the Coldest Season!
By Talita 26/5/15
Winter is coming in five days and that means that rain, frost and hail is coming with it. Some Pt England students have some advice for other students walking to school in their year and area.

Winter is coming to Auckland, New Zealand. Auckland Winter weather involves.. storms, sometimes thunder, rain, fog, frost and much more bad weather, but we do not have snow
which is good for some people. People  in Auckland will have to walk to school, shops, church and some people have to walk everywhere… in the rain and other things!

Pt England is a school in Auckland, New Zealand and most of the students who go there have to walk in the rain to get to school. They don’t get affected just by the rain, they get affected by other things that make them not want to go to school but they need to go to school because of their learning. Some Pt England students have advice for each other for what to bring when you are walking in the rain.

It is very important to go to school even though there is rain because. You never know if you might get kicked out of a sport’s team because you didn't turn up to a tournament or you did not turn to something important like that. Rima, a student who walks to school says,”my parents make me go to school no matter what, unless I am very sick or it is very important matter. I think that people should start using things like umbrellas, warm clothes and eating warm food for breakfast like pancakes and hot chocolate”.

Rain clouds24008020_6d17a536a1_o.jpg

You are going to write a short Newspaper style report about the fast approaching Winter Season. You have to include some advice for walking in the rain to get to school.

This week in Writing we have been learning about writing a news report. We really dug into what a news report looks like and what a good news report looks like. Hope you enjoyed and if you did enjoyed this, remember to keep checking my blog for my next news report.

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