Thursday, 7 May 2015

Liam Nepal Interview

WALT: Find proof of the authors message.
Liam is a eleven year old boy who lives in New Zealand and likes to play on the computer and he also knows some codes on the computer that do incredible things. Liam also is good at rocket impersonations and thinks he might work in the NASA when he is older.

1. What are your thoughts on the Nepal earthquake?
I think that it is a great idea that international aid could help and I think that all the people around the world should be helping them unless they are the people  are needed help from other people.

2. If an earthquake hit your city, what would it mean for you?
If it was a small earthquake and nobody died or their homes were destroyed then it would mean no that much, but if our homes were destroyed and some people losted their family then it would mean a lot to me.

3. Are you going to help the people in Nepal in any way?
Well I could do a fundraiser like a bake sale and a garage sale or use my talent and find the remote areas if I get in touch with the rescue team.                       
This week in reading we have been learning about finding the proof of the authors message. Our task was to take what we had read from the person we had interviewed and interview them pretending that  the person was answering the questions. Hope you enjoyed!

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